Georgie McCool loves her work as a TV writer, and she and her partners now have an opportunity to create their own show. But they need four days to get ready for the presentation…and it means not going to Omaha to Neal’s mother’s house for Christmas.

When her husband Neal packs up himself and the two girls and takes off without her, Georgie is blindsided by his actions, and now must figure out what, if anything, is left of their marriage.

Has Neal had enough? And if so, how can she fix it?

Depressed and staying nights after work at her mother’s house, Georgie finds an old yellow landline phone in the closet. And plugs it in to call Neal, since he never answers his cell phone.

When they talk on the landline, everything between them seems right. They are connecting. Is it a magical connection? A magical phone?

Moving between the past and the present, Georgie’s narrative totally engaged me, reminding me of how we sometimes wonder if we could change everything about our lives by changing the past, just a little. Like through time travel.

Georgie and Neal felt so real, with the kinds of flaws that real people have. And quirks. Sometimes I had to wonder what Georgie saw in Neal, however, as he mostly seemed to be scowling or frowning. But then who can explain taste, or what appeals to someone? What mattered to the story was how much Georgie seemed to need Neal, and he seemed to need her. When Landline ended, I wasn’t ready to be finished with the two of them. A feel-good story that could have taken so many wrong turns. 5 stars.



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