After surviving a brutal attack three years before, Abby Foster is starting over in a small town in the Pennsylvania mountains. Westbury seems to promise the quiet normal life this high school teacher has been yearning.

But while driving her car one day, Abby ends up in the bottom of an icy river, facing death again. Luckily, Officer Ethan Hale was passing by and helped save her. But as grateful as she is, Abby has her own reasons for not knowing if she can trust him. But as she watches him over the next few days and has seen how protective Ethan is, Abby begins to trust him a little, and something more is now brewing between them. Can she trust him with her heart?

With no memory of the two hours before her plunge into the river, the answers that follow thrust her into fear once again. After testing her water bottle, the police have discovered that a poisonous substance had been added. The river plunge was no accident.

Who is trying to kill her again? The man responsible for the previous attempt was supposedly still in prison, but new discoveries lead them on a quest to find out just who is behind both attempts. Who from Abby’s past is out to get her?

Why is Abby traveling to Atlantic City to meet with a mob boss? What secrets is she hiding that might put her further at risk?

Great characters populate this story, and with lots of twists and turns and new surprises around every corner, She Can Hide (She Can Series) is a tumultuous ride toward solving all the mysteries and keeping the innocent safe. With mob bosses and meth addicts added to the mix, there could be plenty of violence before it all comes to an end. 5.0



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