In the small North Carolina town called Walls of Water, the history between the Jacksons and the Osgoods was long…and somewhat competitive.

The Jacksons had once been rich and lived in the old Blue Ridge Madam, until their money was gone. And the Osgoods took their place as the town leaders, wealthy and proud.

In contemporary Walls of Water, the descendants of the original families, Willa Jackson and Paxton Osgood, are not friends. In high school, Willa was the Joker and Paxton the Good Girl, too perfect for words. Colin, Paxton’s twin, has always had an attraction for Willa, but has not acted on it. And Paxton has a yen for Sebastian, the mysterious man who has his own secrets.

There is going to be a celebration in the newly restored Blue Ridge Madam—a gala that will celebrate the charitable history of the Women’s Society Club—and Paxton is reaching out to Willa. Their grandmothers, Agatha and Georgie, are to be honored, since they were in the original society. And once were dear friends.

As events unfold, secrets are unearthed—literally—and soon the connections between the families begin to change and grow. What will happen to join the women in friendship? How will the secrets from the past change the future for the town and for the families?

In a lovely and lyrical style, The Peach Keeper: A Novel was a romantic journey into the past and the future, reminding us that long-standing connections can be healed. I enjoyed the characters, the setting, and the slightly ghostly aura that framed the old home. Family secrets are the stuff of good drama. Five stars.



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