When I first created my Rainy Days and Mondays blog, it was a summer day in 2009 (August 16); I had just started serious blogging, with a few sites already.  I don’t even remember how many I had when I started this one (over on Blogger), but over time, I added and deleted them right and left.

Now I am here, with this site:

And if you look at the URL, which took a while to create, since so many possibilities were already taken, I loved the concept:  Blue Mondays No More.

I still have eleven blogs.  The only thing that has changed is my provider.

Before I could undertake this, however, there was a lot to do.  Over at Curl up and Read, I have all of my books (purchased and read)  linked to the book reviews…and you guessed it!  I had to change the links from the old Rainy Days and Mondays blog at Blogger…and because I didn’t have the URL for this one yet, I linked those reviews to Goodreads.

I thought about importing everything, but in the end, I just moved over some posts from this year.  I wanted to feel as though I was starting fresh…and the endless task of changing links on all the posts did not appeal to me…LOL.

It feels a little bit like reinventing the wheel, starting fresh.  But I hadn’t been happy at Blogger for a while…and had hung onto that site longer than I wanted to do so.

So…welcome to everyone who stops by, and thanks for bearing with me, as I add pages and posts.






  1. I am kind of all blogged out. I closed all my blogs except one, Ann’s Reading Corner. I find I get much more accomplished in my real life if I stick to one blog. I’m still on blogger. I’ve never had a problem with it, but then I don’t do much more than post a review now and again.

    I hope you much success with your new “Starting Over” and your Mondays will always be bright and shiny. May they never be blue anymore.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Gigi Ann, and I am sure that the day will come when blogging doesn’t seem fun anymore…but even though I wanted to leave Blogger (I do still have one site there – Story Corner), I love the concept of No More Blue Mondays, which happened for me after retirement…LOL.


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