Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy.

Today, instead of something “bookish” on this site, I want to share some post-holiday snapshots of my daughter and her friends, and give you a peek at my New Year’s space.

Heather and friend Sheri headed to Cayucos, on the coast, for the Polar Bear Plunge, on New Year’s Day.



Heather & friend - off to Cayucos for Polar Bear Plunge


Heather with Sheri and Julie on the beach….



Heather and friends - Cayucos

More moments on the beach….




Warming up indoors….



Heather - friends - beverages


And while they were having fun on the coast, I was at home packing away the Christmas stuff, and here’s my space with its new look for the New Year.

Dining area without the Christmas trees, etc.



The pub table and chairs are back by the bookcase….





The rattan loveseat is near the window again….




Come Monday, I’ll be ready for a new week, without the blues…although there may be some rainy days ahead.


What did your week look like?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.



  1. Could you come over here and de-Christmas my house? Sigh…that is what is on the docket for this weekend here…..Unfortunately, our place will not look so cute as yours once everything is put away.


    • I didn’t put up a lot this year, so “de-Christmasing” was easy…LOL. I always move around the furniture a little afterwards, too, which I did. My place is easier to be “cute,” since my kids are all grown and don’t live with me. I relish this “empty, downsized nest.”

      I only put up two of my three miniature trees, and the ornaments go into the bins with them.

      Thanks for stopping by, Melinda, and enjoy your day…you could listen to music and drink something chocolatey.


    • I really want to go to the coast soon, too; my daughter goes a lot. We live only two hours away, so she makes a regular jaunt of it. Plus, one of her friends lives there, so she has a place to stay.

      Thanks for stopping by, Christine.


  2. We see people on the news doing those polar bear swims- I always wondered how and why they did it- I suspected that beer would need to be involved… We haven’t started to tidy up after Christmas yet (the tree got put up late, so it’s nice to still enjoy it for a while longer). You’re so organised.


    • Yes, notice there are no polar bears in their pix, but you can see beer in most of them…LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Louise.

      Enjoy your Christmas as long as you like…I remember once leaving the tree up until March (a fake tree), when my kids were young…LOL.


  3. I love putting the Christmas things away and restoring sanity to my living room. Clutter drives me crazy. Plus, my husband cleaned yesterday while I cooked, so the whole place is clean. For a little while. Since all three kids are home from college, it doesn’t stay clean long. Happy New Year.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Paulita, and I remember well how the house was when the kids were growing up…they were in and out of my “revolving door” into adulthood…LOL.

      Happy New Year to you, too.


  4. We did not put up a proper Christmas tree this year, so the putting away isn’t much of a job. The wall tree is still up though! My buffet is set for January, red and white, Snowmen, etc. I will probably finish “putting away” this weekend. Sort of bittersweet for me, but on with a brand new year.


    • I seem to do less and less Christmas every year, and my trees are artificial. My house has a lot of red already, so it’s a year-long color theme. Thanks for stopping by, Judy, and enjoy it for as long as you like.


  5. Brrr! Those look like happy polar bears, though! What a production moving things around for Christmas is, huh? But I always like the different feel of the living space for that holiday period! Moving things back? Eeeergh!

    Happy New Year, Laurel!


    • I always used to dread putting the stuff away afterwards, but I did a very minimal Christmas this year, just enough to give me the Christmassy vibe…putting things back took very little time!

      Thanks for stopping by, Susan, and enjoy your New Year, too.


  6. Knowing what the weather was like for California this past week (hint to others: it could be downright chilly at times!) I applaud your daughter the spunk to do a polar challenge. Well she’s young and has a back-up of friends. Me, I’m sitting here in jeans and a sweater saying, no thanks! Great photos though– they seem to have had much fun!

    I like the different feel of decorating a few rooms for the holidays, but oh, putting away again is such a chore with a “blue” feeling to it. I’m attempting it this weekend with the kids and hope to have my less crowded space back soon.


    • Yes, I decided at some point that “less is more” when it comes to Christmas decorations, and since I don’t host any celebrations here (we go to my daughter’s), it works.

      You notice the absence of polar bears in their photos? I think the sea breezes (chilly) and the beer or hot drinks were the appeal for them…LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Rita.


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