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Good morning to all bookish types…enjoying your weekend?

Last Saturday, I was up to my eyeballs in Bloggiesta...and this week has been all about more book clearing.

You know that I love sharing “before and after” photos, so here are some of those after shots.  After the clearing.  The Blue Mondays Book Nook, below.


updated book nook - jan-brightened


And the shelf where many of those books added to the book nook once resided.  The bottom shelf is almost totally empty, so I am storing a cute little box with numerous sentimental goodies.  And I love cute little boxes.  Could more books go here?  Well, the goal is to cut down…but we’ll see.




See what’s coming up next on my reading list:





And, finally, check out the Giveaway Post. 

There are forty books on the giveaway shelves at the moment.

Does it seem as though I want to give away some books?  Well, yes!  But if they don’t go to other bloggers, they will end up in the Library Collection box in the garage.

But you might enjoy some of these.  Check them out!


What does your weekend look like?  Are any of you participating in a read-a-thon?  Reading an especially engaging book?

I’m reading Trust No One, by Jayne Ann Krentz, and I am eager to get back to it.






  1. Cute book nook!! It’s so hard to cut back…I have been trying for years and will get my shelves cleared off, just to pile them high again.

    I love the cover of Trust No One. Going to have to look it up now! Happy reading and have a good week!


    • Thanks, Brandie…I think it’s looking more organized now that I’ve removed a few things…LOL. It is definitely hard to cut back…I’m trying to add only e-books, when buying, but sometimes I veer into print books from B & N. Not a good idea, since I’m purging! LOL

      Trust No One kept me riveted to the very end.


  2. Bookshelves never stay cleared in our family library. Thanks to library book sales, my husband even has books in the closet.

    As for my weekend, I spent it mostly doing research. I’m gearing up to write a couple of articles for local rescue groups.


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