Charlene (Charlie) Grant is convinced that she will die on January 21, in four days.

Two years before on that date, her best friend Randi was killed, and a year later, so was Jackie. She can feel that there is a connection…and that she’s next.

The setting is Boston, and the jurisdiction is D. D. Warren’s. She has been dealing with new mother drama (she and her partner Alex have a 10-week-old son Jack), sleepless nights, etc., and at work, there are a string of murders she is trying to solve. So when Charlie approaches her with her strange request for help in solving her own murder, D. D. is skeptical.

We have multiple narrators in Catch Me: A Detective D.D. Warren Novel, beginning with an unknown first person child narrator in the prologue that sets up a backstory that won’t completely fall into place until later. And then there is Charlie. Her narrative is fascinating. We can see inside her terrified mind, but she is also compulsively and obsessively vigilant in her quest to figure out who is after her and stop him or her in their tracks.

We also have a seven-year-old boy, Jesse, whose narrative takes us into the world of Internet games. His is AthleteAnimalz, and seems harmless. But is it?

Meanwhile, the victims in the latest string of killings are sexual predators, and a detective that specializes in those cases is brought in. There is just something about Detective O (Ellen Ohlenbusch) that ticks D. D. off, but she is trying to be cooperative.

The intensity of the story ratchets up as more intrigue builds, and we are shown many possibilities even as we rapidly approach Charlie’s deadline.

When a mysterious “player” appears in one murder scenario, and we see strange notes (from her?) in the interim, we have to ask: Who is Abigail, and what, if anything, does she have to do with the mystery? And why does Charlie have spotty memories about her childhood and her abusive mother? Why does she continually dream of a baby crying?

I could not put this one down. I have always loved this series, and I like the fact that I can’t easily figure out who the bad guys are. There seem to be many likely suspects. So the stunning reveal was totally satisfying. 5.0 stars, and recommended for fans of suspense thrillers and this series specifically.


  1. I love Lisa Gardner, having read her ever since her very first book so many years ago, The Perfect Husband. If you find that title in a used book store or whatever, pick it up. You’ll see that she was a good author from the get-go, and very clever with her plots.


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