Here we are again, rambling on about our thoughts, our feelings, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous, to see what others are chatting about.

It has been a great week so far, and when I examine it, to see why it was so great, I think it must be the weather.  A little rain, but mostly sunshine with just enough crispness in the air to make me feel like breathing it all in.

Yes, sappy, right?

It could also be because it’s payday week….yes, for the thirty plus years of my career, checks came biweekly, and it was easy to budget.  Post-retirement:  two checks, each one once a month, usually within a week of each other.  This time, they are two days apart.  And after a few years of it, I am still wondering why the month is so LONG.

And then I happily spend as if there is no tomorrow…and I’m on the third month of the week again, wondering where the money went…sigh.





But I love doing what I want, when I want.  Blogging, reading, writing…and playing with Phoebe, my new iPhone.  Yes, I have definitely discovered the fun of it all.

It’s been a great week for curling up to read, too.  I read two mysteries, one right after the other:  Catch Me, by Lisa Gardner (click for my review); and All Day and a Night, by Alafair Burke (click title).

My current read:  one of Diane Chamberlain’s back list, The Escape Artist.  Not my favorite of hers, so far, but I can’t seem to put it down, either.  A woman loses custody of her baby (for really stupid reasons!), and runs.  Changes her identity and ends up across the country.  Some practical issues seemed to be glossed over, but I am finding it fascinating, nonetheless.






And back to the purging…yes, more!  I was studying my still-crammed office the other day and decided to recycle some of those VHS tapes…yes, when was the last time I watched them?  I had to save my favorites of course, but when I moved more books off the shelves, I found space for them here (below), bottom shelf.  And the wicker cabinet that previously contained them and jutted out like an eyesore…moved elsewhere, to contain a few other things.






What was your week like?  What projects, reading, etc., have been consuming your days?



    • I keep thinking I should explore buying an iPad. I do know that I want to upgrade my Kindle, but Sparky’s feelings might be hurt…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by Pat, and enjoy! I know I still have a lot to learn about my iPhone (Phoebe), but every day is a little easier.


  1. We also get paid two checks–once a month– and then have to budget properly so those last few days of the month go smoothly 🙂 What a pain in the neck, for sure!

    Have fun with your phone, I forgot her name again, lol. I don’t name my gadgets, but I guess it makes sense since we all have such a strong attachment to them! Have a good day!


    • There could be a downside to naming gadgets; when they stop working or betray us in some way, we could take it personally. LOL. The phone is Phoebe!

      Thanks for stopping by, Rita, and it’s been 14 years since I retired from the county position, but I didn’t have to really adjust to the budget, as I almost immediately started working for a private agency and got a salary, in addition to my pension.

      I sort of got spoiled, with more money than I was used to, so when I finally retired for good in 2005, I did have to finally realize what it would be like. It’s getting better, though…sigh.


  2. I have just retired so I will be getting used to a different way of money arriving! However I think it will be okay. We have had 2mm of rain this month which hardly wet the ground, but the sunshine has been wonderful if a little hot. The Escape Artist sounds good all the same, I have it on my list to read some day.


    • I finished The Escape Artist earlier this afternoon, and I really liked it, despite a few issues. Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and enjoy your retirement. The freedom of choosing how to spend our days more than makes up for the money adjustments, IMO.


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