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Welcome to my Bookish Saturday, a place to gather my thoughts about books, etc.  Just before the big plunge that is my Sunday/Monday Weekly Updates.

Lately I have been all about purging, which is not to say that I don’t love the ambience of my bookish surroundings.  I do, but I want them to remain beautiful.  My favorite bookshelves are those that also include a few special mementos, as well as some figurine collections.

And I have even whittled some of those down, too.  Here are some favorite shelves.  The one below was built by my youngest son, so it holds a sentimental place in my home.  My Disney figurines and assorted odds and ends hold center stage with the books:



entry way in feb-touched up

I am often rearranging the space around the shelves, and the other night, I moved the loveseat in front of the shelf again.

And, below, this Baker’s Rack displays a few books…and other mementos.  This one is in my dining area.


feb dining area-lightened


I took these photos with Phoebe, my iPhone, and I’m still trying to get the lighting the way I want it.


On Tuesday, I wrote about my bookish dilemma of Books, Blogs, & Devices, as I struggled with what to do about a Kindle upgrade.

I think I have decided on a Paperwhite….

Meanwhile, I created docs for my book collections on Sparky…and saved them in Dropbox.

As a result, I am finding more of the books hidden on Sparky.  Those that I haven’t yet read, but were not in any particular order.  Like a book I’m reading and loving now:  Nell, by Nancy Thayer, which was first published in 1985 and was brought out in e-book form last year.





It is a very introspective story narrated by Nell, a woman divorced for five years, struggling with single parenting, supporting herself, and trying to find love again.  The themes seem familiar, but Nell’s voice is appealing.  She could seem a bit narcissistic, focused on her issues constantly, but remember that this was set in a time before social networking, online groups, and all that those connections can bring.

Of course, our modern day connections sometimes add more angst, due to the fears generated by them…

Which is why this story is appealing to me.  Nell’s dilemma is an age old one, not easily corrected, and as I head toward the book’s end, I suspect that Nell’s solution will probably be one of acceptance.  And living in the moment rather than projecting into the future.


What books are grabbing you right now?  What does your bookish life look like?  And do you find that purging is a good solution to managing your books?




Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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