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How did we get to Thursday already?  Have I been a total slug, pissing away the days?  Well, I did finish reading and reviewing two books, but I should have been more productive on the blogs.

Why are some weeks like that?  I just didn’t feel much like posting anything.

I almost passed up today, too, but then I realized that, with nothing much to show for the week, I would, indeed, be more like a slug than not.

Do you ever get ready to post and realize that nothing much is coming to mind?  Today I was watching shows on my DVR, and I love Stalker, on Wednesday nights.  And The Mysteries of Laura.  And then I felt like posting.

Thursday night is actually the Big Night around here, with Grey’s Anatomy, The Slap (a new one!), and the series finale of Two-and-a-Half Men.  The favorite in the lineup:  How to Get Away with Murder.  Loving that show!



how to get away with murdr


On Sunday, my daughter came to collect some of her things from my garage—Happy Days!—but she only took a couple of boxes….and then borrowed three pieces of my luggage, as she was headed to Nashville for some fun times, with one of her friends.  Her flight, after a layover in LA, got into Nashville at 5:23 a.m. today.  She texted me at every turn, so I didn’t sleep much, with the little text alert going off.

But I like knowing that she landed safely.  I love going to places that can only be reached by plane, but I hate flying!  What a conundrum for me.





Actually, it’s not the flying that worries me so much, but the take off and the landing…LOL.



This Saturday, one of my granddaughter, Birthday Girl Fiona, is having an Open House to celebrate her 18th birthday.  Last weekend, her cousin Aubrey celebrated hers.  How did these adorable girls grow up so fast?  Here is a photo of the two of them (and one of Fiona’s brothers) a long time ago.



Fiona, Aubrey, Jake

Fiona is the blonde…and Aubrey, the brunette.  Nowadays, however, Fiona is more likely to be a brunette or a redhead, since she likes changing up her look.


Today I’m reading You Can Trust Me, by Sophie McKenzie, a new author to me.  I got it from Amazon Vine, and just started reading it last night.  So far, so good.  A suspicious death, a history of another suspicious death in the past.  And a marriage that may be on the skids.






And now I want to finish watching Stalker, as one of Beth’s friends is in the trunk of her stalker’s car.  What will happen?


What shows keep you glued to the TV (or DVR)?  What movies are you excited about this weekend?



  1. Patty

    Well here is where we are different…on Wednesday we watched American Law and
    Order and Chicago PD…tonight is more AI and Elementary!

    Nashville is on our list of places we might want to live in!


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