Here we are again, rambling on about our thoughts, our feelings, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous, to see what others are chatting about.

Around noon, I’m heading over to my daughter’s salon for a mani from the manicurist there, and then I’ll be turning my hair over to my daughter, who will transform me…LOL.  She has a little bear at her station—that I actually gave her when she graduated!—that says “I’m a beautician, not a magician.”


beautician bear

So when I say “transform me,” I simply mean she will trim and color my hair.

It is mostly a great time to relax and chat with Heather, who is fun…and she just got back from Nashville, where she and a friend partied down a bit.



Girl Power

Last weekend was fun for me in a different way….I went to my granddaughter Fiona’s 18th birthday party….she has grown up too fast!



fiona's new look - 3



Late last night, I finished reading and reviewing Second Life, by S. J. Watson (click title for review).





One of the worst things about writing a wildly successful book, and one that was turned into a movie, too, (Before I Go to Sleep) is how everyone is expecting so much from the next book.  But this one is a quite different book, and to say it is not as enjoyable as the first one would be like comparing our first and second children…right?

Yes, this book took a while to engage me, but then I could not put it down…which means I didn’t sleep much last night.  Because once I finished it, I had to review it…I didn’t want to forget any important details.

I am glad I read it….and I try not to set books up to disappoint me.

Next I’ll be reading something different…I need a break from the thrillers for a minute.  The Way Life Should Be is from Christina Baker Kline, and I am trying not to expect another Orphan Train.






What has your week brought to you?  Mine has brought some fun, some cold weather, and then a beautiful spring day yesterday that made me sing…and want to dance.

I had lunch with a friend…one of those long, leisurely post-retirement lunches that allow you to savor every bite.



  1. I hope you enjoy your time at the salon! I will have to check out your review. I decided not to try the book after reading some disappointing reviews, but maybe you’ll change my mind.


    • Oh, I did! And as for Second Life, it is hard to decide about books sometimes…I try to approach books from authors I’ve read before without any big expectations. That works for me. Thanks for stopping by, Brandie.


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