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Welcome to my Bookish Saturday!

Since today is the last day of February, I have wrapped up my reading month over at Curl up and Read.





Last night I started reading Crazy Love You, by Lisa Unger.  I fell asleep before I could really get into it, but I am looking forward to immersing myself in it today.





Love hurts. Sometimes it even kills.

Darkness has a way of creeping up when Ian is with Priss. Even when they were kids, playing in the woods of their small Upstate New York town, he could feel it. Still, Priss was his best friend, his salvation from the bullies who called him “loser” and “fatboy”…and from his family’s deadly secrets.

Now that they’ve both escaped to New York City, Ian no longer inhabits the tortured shell of his childhood. He is a talented and successful graphic novelist, and Priss…Priss is still trouble. The booze, the drugs, the sex–Ian is growing tired of late nights together trying to keep the past at bay. Especially now that he’s met sweet, beautiful Megan, whose love makes him want to change for the better. But Priss doesn’t like change. Change makes her angry. And when Priss is angry, terrible things begin to happen…


I can see lots of scary things ahead!


I skipped ahead in the queue again!  I have many, many books left over from 2014 that I haven’t yet read…but I can’t wait to read some of the newer ones.  So I slip them in, surreptitiously, and try not to feel too guilty.

I have only one review book waiting on my coffee table, Amherst, but I’ll get into that one on Monday…or maybe tomorrow.  A couple more came in the mailbox, but they can wait until week after next.

I downloaded another book this past week that I’ve been eagerly awaiting:  Hush Hush, by Laura Lippman.  I think I won’t be reading this one for a couple of weeks.  But who knows?  I might sneak that one in, too.



cover resized


On a searing August day, Melisandre Harris Dawes committed the unthinkable: she left her two-month-old daughter locked in a car while she sat nearby on the shores of the Patapsco River. Melisandre was found not guilty by reason of criminal insanity, although there was much skepticism about her mental state. Freed, she left the country, her husband, and her two surviving children, determined to start over.

But now Melisandre has returned to Baltimore to meet with her estranged teenage daughters and film the reunion for a documentary. The problem is, she relinquished custody and her ex isn’t sure he approves.

Now that she’s a mother herself—short on time and patience—Tess Monaghan wants nothing to do with a woman crazy enough to have killed her own child. But her mentor and close friend Tyner Gray, Melisandre’s lawyer, has asked Tess and her new partner, retired Baltimore PD homicide detective Sandy Sanchez, to assess Melisandre’s security needs.

Tess has always felt that her curiosity about others is her greatest strength. Yet the imperious Melisandre is someone she cannot begin to understand, much less empathize with. A decade ago, a judge ruled that Melisandre was beyond rational thought. But was she? Tess tries to keep her distance from her mercurial yet confident client. This strategy gets tricky after Melisandre becomes a prime suspect in a murder.

And as her doubts about Melisandre grow, Tess realizes that she’s under scrutiny as well, followed by a judgmental stalker with an ax to grind . . .


I love the Tess Monghan series, but I am way behind on them.  I have obviously read them “out of order,” but have the first in the series waiting for me to read…maybe this week:  Baltimore Blues.





Until her paper, the Baltimore Star, crashed and burned, Tess Monaghan was a damn good reporter who knew her hometown intimately — from historic Fort McHenry to the crumbling projects of Cherry Hill. Now gainfully unemployed at twenty-nine, she’s willing to take any freelance job to pay the rent — including a bit of unorthodox snooping for her rowing buddy, Darryl “Rock” Paxton.



What books are you reading today?  This week?  And what titles are you ogling?



Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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