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Good morning!  Today’s post will link up to Sunday Salon, The Sunday Post,  and Book Journey, for  Weekly Updates.

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Grab some coffee (or a mimosa!), and let’s talk about our weeks.  And don’t forget that the first-ever week long Bloggiesta begins on March 23 and ends on the 29th.  I am working on one main site…and dabbling on a few others.

Wow, what a week!  A little blogging, a little reading…and some huge purging, transforming my hallway into its normal function:  a passageway, with books in the garage to donate and the remaining books from the two shelves into an emptied shelf in the bedroom.  This shelf now contains some newer books…and the ones I am donating are in two large boxes and two large trash bags.  It is better not to show you what the garage looks like.  LOL


refurbished bookshelf after purge



Bloggiesta:  March 23-29 – Sign-up Post

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“Sleepwalker,”  A Short Story by Laurel-Rain Snow

Bookish Saturday:  Patterns & Numbers

Review:  Where They Found Her, by Kimberly McCreight

Review:  The First Wife (e-book), by Erica Spindler

Review:  In the Blood (e-book), by Lisa Unger




None!  In a week of purging, I am hesitant to add any more books…but to be fair, most of my new purchases are e-books…and the print books are ARCs from Vine, which I toss afterwards.


WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Covers/Titles Linked to Amazon)

Currently Reading:  What I Remember Most, by Cathy Lamb





Someone Is Watching, by Joy Fielding (Amazon Vine)





Summer Secrets, by Jane Green (Amazon Vine)





The Denim Blue Sea, by Joanne DeMaio (Author Review Request)





And I may add a few e-books, if I have time, like this one I’ve had for a while:


Ugly Love (e-book), by Colleen Hoover





And that was my week….and for those who use Word Press:  I have a question.  A few months (or weeks?) ago, they implemented what they call an improved posting experience (beep, beep, boop)  LOL.  But I call it horrific.

For a while, there was a way to click over to the classic posting method.  Then that went away.  By visiting the boards, I discovered that, yes, we could still find the classic method by going in through the WP dashboard.  So that’s what I am doing now.  But who knows when that will disappear?  LOL

Paranoid much?

My issues with the new format:  When posting, it only scrolls down so far…and then you can’t see the rest of what you are doing…and editing doesn’t work, either.  I trashed two posts last night before visiting the boards.  And then came in through the dashboard today.



Happy week!  I need this Bloody Mary!



saturday brunch 2



  1. thebookdate

    I’ll be watching out for your review on the Cathy Lamb book, have it sitting on my shelf, growing to be a big fan of her books.


    1. The worst part about the “iimproved” posting experience at WP is the tiny spot in which to post, and you can’t scroll down! It drives me nuts, but for now, I’m going in through the dashboard. Wonder when they’ll take that access away? LOL Maybe they don’t like our LONG posts….

      Thanks for stopping by, Deb, and if they change things so much that they are impossible…well, I guess that will be the end of blogging for me.


  2. Hmm, I have WordPress.org so unsure about WP.com’s posting set up, WE have been spring cleaning too. Yesterday I took all the area rugs outside and beat them with a broom. Every time I do I imagine I am a pioneer woman. LOL


    1. I am uncertain about the differences between the regular WP and self-hosted. I have one site (my website) on WP.com…and it still goes to Beep Beep Boop….which is so stupid and hideous….LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Kimba.


  3. We’ve been cleaning out this week too. I’ve donated alot of books and have alot more to go. I’m only adding books to my Kindle at this point. Although I do receive print review books, too.

    You have a great list of books. I hope you enjoy them. Have a great week!


    1. Yes, that is my situation too…new books for Kindle and review books are print…and they don’t stay after I’ve read them. It feels good to clear the shelves. I still have a lot more, though…LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne, and enjoy the new week.


  4. I’ve been purging things, too. So far I haven’t attacked the book shelf, but it is coming soon. I attacked my game closet yesterday and found room for all the items that would fall to the floor every time the door was opened. Have a lovely week. Please check out my Sunday Salon for more on my week: My Weekly Sunday Salon


  5. Brandie

    It makes me so happy to see Ugly Love on this post!! 🙂

    I love purging stuff. I always feel so accomplished when I do it.

    I always use the dashboard, and had no clue WordPress made any changes. I’m sorry I’m no help!!

    I hope you have a great week of reading!


    1. Thanks, Brandie, and I hope that using the dashboard remains an option, as I HATE that beep, beep, boop thing with the new “improved” posting…LOL.

      The worst part is how tiny is the space for posting in the new format.

      I hope to get to Ugly Love this week…so far, I have been really lazy…spent time today with my daughter and her friends….and the book I’m reading is over 400 pages. But I think I should get to it at the end of the week.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, it is, Nise! So far, so good, on entering through the dashboard….otherwise, I will be forced to copy and paste my posts, as I can’t work with that tiny space available!

      I am loving What I Remember Most….and hope to read more of it today. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Looks like a(nother) busy week of posting! Nice covers. Good for you in purging. The strawberries look luscious and the muffin — reward right? I am going to hunt your blog to see if you reviewed Monday Lies. I will be posting my review this week – I really liked it. 🙂 Happy reading!


  7. Teddyree

    I loved Colleen Hoover’s latest … Confess. Now I’m looking forward to read Ugly Love, it’s waiting patiently for me. Well done on the huge book purge … isn’t it a good feeling? I’ve got a big box of books in my car boot ready to donate. Have a great week and happy reading 🙂


    1. Thanks, Teddyree…and yes, it is a good feeling. This last one was major, with two big boxes and two huge trash bags. I’ll have to carry them in more than one trip…LOL.

      I haven’t yet read Hoover, but I have been wanting Confess…so I thought I’d better read Ugly Love, which has been languishing on Sparky. Happy reading!


  8. I’m a big Colleen Hoover fan and hope you enjoy Ugly Love! It’s going to be a movie I hear. Bummer about the WP changes…hope you are able to go back to classic posting. Have a good week!


    1. Thanks, Lucy, and so far I’m accessing WP via the dashboard…hope they don’t take that away! And I am eager to become a Hoover fan…I’ve heard so many good things about the author. Glad you could stop by.


    1. Thanks, Sam, and I like the fact that we can do as much or as little as we like during Bloggiesta…I sort of went nuts this time, with the week, and started working on some of my other blogs, too.

      I ended up getting a margarita (or two) with my daughter yesterday…LOL. In honor of Bloggiesta!


  9. So glad I wasn’t the only one purging. I didn’t purge books but my desk area and the kids art and craft storage which seemed to be taking on a mind of it’s own and spreading across the lounge like something out of The Blob! lol. Here’s hoping it lasts. Well done on not grabbing any new books though – I admire your self-control. 🙂

    Have a good week xx


    1. Thanks, Kate, and I think it was fatigue, more than self-control. The idea of adding more books after the Big Purge didn’t feel right…LOL

      Mostly I add e-books, though. Glad you could stop by.


  10. GFY on the purging, Laurel. I plan to do the same after our daughter’s wedding next month. Too much on my mind at the moment to think about non-wedding things, ha. Re WP – I just checked and I still have the option of using the “classic” posting. Have you tried sending WP an email? I tried the new way several weeks ago and went right back to the classic form. (Old dog, new tricks applies to me here). Good luck and let us know if you find anything out from WP. Hope they don’t take away the option for the classic.


    1. Thanks, Mary. I have been accessing the classic by going through the dashboard (for now)….I actually tried the new way, but the posting space was small and didn’t scroll down. It drove me nuts! LOL

      I think I will send them an e-mail. They should check their boards, too, as there were lots of people who want the option.

      And yes, the purging leaves me feeling great…and sore. But it’s like an addiction. I started it a few months ago, and every couple of weeks, I have to do more! LOL


  11. I can’t help with your WordPress issues. I use Blogger and find it works well for the way I post. I see Spring Cleaning was on your mind. It is hard to think about that as I am home for a snow day today. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


    1. At some point, I decided to make the move to WP, although I still have one Blogger site. I guess every platform has issues…I will try to adjust or sort things out. Thanks, Kathy, and enjoy your week. A snow day home could be a good thing, I guess.


  12. Sorry about that WP problem. That would be very annoying. I am sure someone can help you.

    Great books for you last week and this upcoming week.

    I liked my empty mailbox. 🙂

    ENJOY this week…can you believe it is Monday already and almost the end of March?

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday


    1. I was hoping to hear your thoughts on it….what do they think is “improved” about this? So far, I’m getting into the classic format via the dashboard. Let’s hope they don’t take that away!

      Thanks for stopping by, Shelleyrae.


  13. The Cue Card

    Hmm. I’m not sure I’m using the new format on WP or the old format. I’m a newbie to WP so I might not even know any better. LOL. Isnt it frustrating when changes totally mess up the system?! Ugh. Meanwhile you made quite a good headway on the purging. Good for you! Enjoy your week.


    1. Thanks, Susan, and the worst part of the new system is the tiny space in which to post. The only way it would work would be to copy and paste a post from a Word doc.

      Thanks for stopping by…enjoy your week.


  14. You did a good job restraining yourself. I’ve become addicted to downloading freebies, though I am pretty picky about what I download. Have a great week with your TBR stack!


  15. Looks like a lot of great stuff going on here. What I Remember Most sounds like a wonderful book.

    Count me in as not a big fan of the WP changes either. It’s just like Yahoo Groups: they improved it, but made it less user friendly.

    Thanks for visiting my blog last week.


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