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Grab some coffee (or a mimosa!), and let’s talk about our weeks.

I had a fabulous week of reading, blogging, and some more purging.  I now have empty bookcases in the garage and full boxes of books to be picked up on Monday.

And my week of Bloggiesta was very productive! Check it out!  Bloggiesta:  Sign-Up Post & Starting Line; My Best Blogging Advice.

And my Book Nook is no more…here is what my nook looks like now.  Stacks on the top shelf:  gone!




Meanwhile, here’s what happened last week:


Sunday Potpourri:  What I Love…and What I Hate!

Creative Tuesdays:  Intros/Teasers – “Summer Secrets”

From the Interior:  Tedious Tasks & Lovely Rewards

Serendipitous Wednesday:  Waiting for “The New Neighbor”

Bookish Friday:  Book Beginnings/Friday 56 – “The One That Got Away”

Bookish Saturday:  Celebrating with Snapshots

Review:  What I Remember Most, by Cathy Lamb

Review:  Someone Is Watching, by Joy Fielding

Review:  Summer Secrets, by Jane Green



INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Two Vine Review books arrived in my mailbox this week; and I downloaded two e-books onto my lovely new Kindle, Pippa.

Blueprints, by Barbara Delinsky (Amazon Vine)








Did You Ever Have a Family, by Bill Clegg (Amazon Vine)














Before the Storm (e-book), by Diane Chamberlain








Night Night, Sleep Tight (e-book), by Hallie Ephron








WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Covers/Titles Linked to Amazon)


Currently Reading:  Ugly Love (e-book), by Colleen Hoover








The One That Got Away, by Bethany Chase






The Denim Blue Sea, by Joanne DeMaio






The Comfort of Lies (e-book), by Randy Susan Meyers






Thanks to everyone who stopped by last week and offered opinions about how to deal with the WP Beep, Beep, Boop nightmare…LOL.

For now, I am coping by accessing my posts through the dashboard.  May we all post happily ever after!  Sheila, at Book Journey, had some thoughts on it, too, in Beep Beep Boop to You.

Happy week to everyone!








    1. Oh, I forgot to photograph my food, Steph…LOL. The dessert was this tiny little Caramel/Chocolate pudding…and I really will snap it next time.

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend.


    1. I am so looking forward to Night Night, Sleep Tight, Stormi. I loved another book of hers called There Was an Old Woman…and last night, I downloaded her book Never Tell a Lie. My first download on Pippa. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I got The Denim Blue Sea, by Joanne DeMaio last week and can’t wait to read it. I’ve loved all her previous books. Did You Ever Have A Family sounds very emotional.

    Have a great week!


  2. Blueprints looks really good, but all the books on your list look really good. I kept scrolling through them thinking I wanted to read each one.

    I’m so excited to see that you, too, are a GH fan. I’ve watched that show since around 1970. I’m really looking forward to this Wednesday for GH’s 52nd anniversary and a special vintage show (plus we learn all about Luke on that episode).

    Have a great week!


    1. Oh, yes, that GH vintage show will be great! When I started watching, Dr. Hardy and Jessie Brewer were the main characters and I loved the other characters, too. When I was able to resume watching GH, I had a VCR…and could tape while I was at work. I went to the Soap Opera awards in 1999 and GH got a lot of awards, so I started taping it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne…enjoy your week!


    1. Oh, I know, that will be a struggle for me. As you notice, I still have those empty bookcases in my garage…LOL.

      But I don’t want to backslide….so we’ll see how it goes.

      In case I decide to move at some point, having less will be better. But I don’t want to move—I have been here for eight years!—then I often think of other places that might be lovely, and post-retirement, I am not stuck here. But I do love the neighborhood, and the thought of packing…no, I think I’ll stay!

      Thanks for visiting, Nise, and I hope you enjoy the Cathy Lamb. I was not sure of Ugly Love when I started it, but then I couldn’t stop reading.


  3. I checked your Bloggiesta and it looks you were indeed successful! And your advise is sound and good from your multiple experiences. How you keep up with 11 blogs is beyond me! I am more than happy and busy with one and rarely get time to update its look. Maybe someday. 🙂
    The One That Got Away looks particularly interesting in your nice selections. Happy Reading!


    1. Thanks, Martha, and I often wonder if I would have added so many if I weren’t so caught up in the process of creating and designing them! That’s the part I love. I mainly work on five of the sites, though, and the others are just fun.

      Glad you could stop by!


  4. thebookdate

    Just read your Cathy Lamb review – now so looking forward to it, it’s already on my actual TBR shelf so only have to reach for it, although have some other reading commitments first! Have a great week and Easter.


    1. Ah, I know about those other commitments, and it is definitely hard to resist a book you want to read now!

      I am struggling with that, now that I have my new Kindle (Pippa), and I can see the book covers when I open the device. Thanks for visiting, Kathryn, and enjoy your week.


    1. I kept this one primarily for sentimental reasons, as my mother made it for my daughter when she was very small. My daughter is not especially fond of dolls, though, so I have several of hers now…LOL. I am a doll collector.

      Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl, and enjoy your week.


  5. Teddyree

    Well done on the clean out, I love your Raggedy Anne doll, who’s the little one next to her? Oh I need to make time for Ugly Love … after I do my review for Confess lol. Have a great week and happy reading 🙂


    1. Thanks, Teddyree, and the little doll next to Raggedy Anne is Annie, from the theater production that I saw in 1980. I bought it for Heather, but she is not sentimental, so I ended up with many of her dolls…LOL. Enjoy your week!

      I hope to read more from Colleen Hoover now.


    1. Thanks! I hesitated, for just a minute, as I pondered clearing out the nook. But then I ruthlessly started grabbing books. LOL

      And I love the look of the Delinsky too, Mary….I have enjoyed most of her books…and I especially like the look of this one.


    1. Thanks, Pat, and I so thoroughly enjoyed Bloggiesta this time! I usually do, but there were so many opportunities to do more this time, as in the post about blogging advice. Glad you enjoyed it. Happy reading!


  6. I guess I dont get the “beep beep boop” but I’m nervous I will. That title : Did You Ever Have a Family sounds a little creepy. That must be a bleak one, eh? Enjoy your week. You’ve done some impressive purging. I’m envious!


    1. Maybe you don’t get it if you are self-hosted? I am curious about switching to self-hosted, but don’t really understand how that works…if you are all alone out there, with no backup from a provider. I would imagine needing to know a lot about technological things…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Susan, and I think the title does sound creepy, too. And I suspect the purging will continue indefinitely….


    1. Oh, it does feel good, Kathy…and today the Big Brothers/Big Sisters employee came to get my boxes. Nice, neat garage now…LOL. I am definitely looking forward to Blueprints. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Yes, the Bloggiestas happen frequently these days, with the Mini-Bloggiestas in between. I wanted to take part in A Day in the Life…but found out about it too late…LOL.

      I have been a fan of Delinsky for a long time, so I’m eager to read this one. Thanks for stopping by, JoAnn.


  7. Nice week, and a few new titles for me. I’m impressed at your empty bookshelves. I can never decide which books to give away and as a result never have extra space. I got one bag ready for the library sale last week — I consider that a baby step!


    1. With my last purge, I got a little ruthless, not even really looking at the titles, but these were from my oldest shelves, with books from the 60s….and those I wanted to reread had already been reread a couple of times…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Leslie…and it is hard to purge.


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