Set in and around Boston, The Comfort of Lies: A Novel delves into the lives of three women, and what event led to the connections between them.

It starts with Tia Adagio, a young woman working in a senior citizens’ program, and how she becomes attached to a young professor named Nathan Soros.

Their affair was more important to Tia than it was to him, apparently, as he leaves her after she announces her pregnancy. He goes home to his wife Juliette and two sons, and although he confesses the affair to his wife, he leaves out some vital information.

Peter and Caroline Fitzgerald adopt the baby girl, whom they name Savannah. To Tia, she will always be “Honor,” the name she had picked out. And the adoption is somewhat open, in that Peter and Caroline send photos once a year.

Fast forward five years, and Tia makes a decision that will ultimately change everything for the three families, and will bring the women together in surprising ways.

Alternate perspectives reveal the story to the reader, and we see how Tia struggles with depression and how it affects her job performance. How she turns to someone else who might be able to rescue her. And then what leads to her ultimate decision for her life.

Juliette will be drawn into the mix when she stumbles upon something unexpected.

Caroline, a pediatric pathologist, is all about her work, so being a mother is especially challenging for her. Sometimes she feels that she is not really a good mother. The unfolding of events set in motion by Tia and Juliette help her to change things in her life.

How each of the women face what happened and learn how to craft new lives for themselves, without hiding important truths, is the crux of the story. I thought that the nice ending might have been a little pat, but it left me with a smile on my face. So…4.5 stars.


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