Good morning!  It is that time in the week when we gather around and compare notes on our thoughts, both bookish and not so bookish.  Join Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are chatting about.

I must confess that most of my thoughts are bookish this week.  First of all, I upgraded to a Kindle Paperwhite, which I have named Pippa…and I am having so much fun!




Of course I had to check, just to make sure, that downloads to Pippa were just as easy as they were on Sparky (sorry, Sparky, you have been relegated to the shelf).

Of course they seem faster and smoother.  And then they opened up the world of NetGalley for me…I had signed up three years ago, but nothing would download to Sparky.

Pippa happily receives e-galleys…and I got three in the past two days.



I have been green with envy for the past three years, seeing what others are finding there.  I did make a rule for myself:  I won’t request anything from an author or book I haven’t heard about….and I will try to request only those books that I would have bought.

That’s to help with my Compulsive Book Buying Disorder, which I’ve mentioned a time or two.






Last week was Bloggiesta, and I accomplished a lot…but also made an error that led to two days of fix-ups.  Yikes!  I still have a little more work to do…deleted images in my media file that resulted in missing images in posts.  That was on my Curl up and Read site….


Today is my day at the Salon!  Yay!  My nails are a mess and my hair needs some work.  Lovely Heather, my daughter, will do my hair after Melissa does my nails.



beautician bear


I will take my current read with me:  a delightful story that transports me to Stony Point, Connecticut:  The Denim Blue Sea, by Joanne DeMaio.






The characters are like returning friends, as I’ve met them in previous books.  A delightful and fun read, perfect to accompany my day of pampering.


What was your week like?  What does today look like for you?



  1. Yay for getting a Paperwhite! I’m glad you’re loving it. I can’t go anywhere without mine. 🙂 I have a bad habit of requesting too many books on Netgalley and I really need to reign that in. I can’t seem to resist so many pretty new books.

    I hope you enjoyed your day at the salon!


    • Thanks, Brandie, I didn’t know how much I’d love Pippa, my Paperwhite…LOL. And as for NetGalley…well, if I only request the ones I would otherwise buy, I MIGHT be okay. Glad you could stop by, and the day at the salon was delicious!

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