Welcome to our Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts, hosted by Christine, at Bookishly Boisterous...and to a Thursday, with the weekend fast approaching.  I am late to the party today, having had a very strange night.

I took a late nap around 7:00 p.m, which was ridiculous, and then, after a couple of hours, read for a while.  I fell asleep after watching a show on my DVR and woke up again at 2:00 a.m.

Yes, that’s what I get for that late nap!  I got up, went to the living room and read some more.  Then I napped again for a couple of hours….and now I hope I can stay up late tonight again, without further naps.  Ridiculous!





I suspect my day was off kilter yesterday because of the errands I ran.  First I took these two bags of books to the library…they were heavy, since most of them were hardcovers.  I had cleared out another shelf in my bedroom.


PicMonkey Collage-book donations collage


My bedroom, minus that shelf:



new bedroom 2 may -


After the library, I picked up some more bins at Target, and then thought:  why not go pick up that prescription at Kaiser?  Ha!  It was one of those medications that they won’t prepare until you show up, even if you order it online…and I discovered this after waiting in a very long line.  An hour-and-a-half later, I had the meds, and I was feeling GRUMPY, to say the least.



grumpy images


My mood improved after I got home, watched a couple of shows, had a very large bowl of ice cream…and then finished reading my book.  A book that I could not put down, so I finished it later and wrote my review.  Those Girls, by Chevy Stevens, wrapped itself around me and held on tight. (Click title for my review).





So now my mood is 100% improved, and to “cleanse my palate” after my last four reads, which were suspense thrillers, I am reading The Life You’ve Imagined, by Kristina Riggle.





I am enjoying it…and maybe I’ll even sleep tonight…


What are your Thursday Thoughts?  Gripping reads or frustrating moments in your day?



  1. This clearly is not my genre since I have never heard of these books. But now I’m adding them to my book list. Haha.
    I’m also about to follow your blog now, except I am a little confused. Do you have two blogs? What’s the difference?
    Good call reaching out to me,


    1. Oh, thanks for stopping by, Run Wright (is that your name?); thanks for following, too, and I have eleven blogs. Yes, definitely a lot. On each blog I have a page with links to the other sites. Each has its own personality, if you will….with different posts and different reviews.

      You can also find a list of all my blogs at my website:

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is so interesting. I followed one but maybe that’s not the right (wright) one for me so of course, I’ll have to check them all out 😀
        My name is Karen but my friends who read my blog have started calling me Runwright. I’m actually fine with that too.


  2. I am also going to be donating books this week and instead of feeling sad to lose them, I’m happy others will get a chance instead of having them just sit on my shelf.
    I’ve read Kristina Riggle but not that title, so on my list it goes. Also I do want to read Those Girls by Chevy Stevens. I just won That Night in a giveaway by this author, and also read her first two books so I’m excited for it.

    I only take naps if I had to take my certain pain medicine that literally puts me out. Otherwise I’m afraid of not being able to sleep later, and I have sleep problems my whole life so that’s not good. I thought being retired meant sleeping in late, lol…I’ve yet to see that perk 🙂


    1. I know what you mean, Rita…I also have pain meds, but sometimes I take naps when I don’t sleep, despite how that messes me up later; but I haven’t been able to sleep late in the mornings, either. The latest I’ve slept was 8 a.m., once or twice, and only when I was up very late. Mostly I wake at 6 a.m.

      I love Kristina Riggle’s books. My first read by her was Keepsake, during the year I read a lot of hoarding books. Preparation for my bout of purging? LOL

      I thoroughly enjoyed Those Girls…and now my NetGalley list is all caught up, with one left to read! Yay!


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