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Welcome to a special Saturday edition:  Bookish Saturday & Saturday Snapshot.  For SS participants, click on over to West Metro Mommy Reads.

As usual, we will celebrate bookish things…and also enjoy some home and family moments.

First, I found this book on a blog this week, and while it won’t be out until July, I had to bookmark it and share it.  It is the fifth book in the Frieda Klein mystery series, and I am so excited.  It is Friday on My Mind, by Nicci French.




When a bloated corpse is found floating in the River Thames the police can at least sure that identifying the victim will be straightforward. Around the dead man’s wrist is a hospital band. On it are the words Dr F. Klein.

But psychotherapist Frieda Klein is very much alive. And, after evidence linking her to the murder is discovered, she becomes the prime suspect.


Currently I am reading The Life You’ve Imagined, by Kristina Riggle, which I should finish tonight.






Next I plan to read Eat the Document, by Dana Spiotta, a story that is reminiscent of an earlier era, the 1970s, but which takes us forward to the 1990s, revealing the consequences experienced by the characters.





Blurb:  In the heyday of the 1970s underground, Bobby DeSoto and Mary Whittaker — passionate, idealistic, and in love — design a series of radical protests against the Vietnam War. When one action goes wrong, the course of their lives is forever changed. The two must erase their past, forge new identities, and never see each other again.

Now it is the 1990s. Mary lives in the suburbs with her fifteen-year-old son, who spends hours immersed in the music of his mother’s generation. She has no idea where Bobby is, whether he is alive or dead.

Shifting between the protests in the 1970s and the consequences of those choices in the 1990s, Dana Spiotta deftly explores the connection between the two eras — their language, technology, music, and activism. Character-driven and brilliant, Eat the Document is an important and revelatory novel about the culture of rebellion, with particular resonance now.


And here is another peek at Fiona, who will be graduating high school in early June…she is still playing around with new versions of herself.



a new Sweet Fi look



In my interior world, I tried new vignettes…these are the ones on my mantle:  Disney characters that I edited a bit, as my version of “purging.”  The photo below shows the left  side of the mantle, (right to left) with Wynken, Blynken, & Nod, The Troll under the Bridge, The Cow Jumped over the Moon, Noah’s Ark, and Humpty Dumpty.





On the right side of the mantle, left to right, we have the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, and Cinderella’s coach and characters….




Here is an almost complete view of the mantle, and you catch a glimpse of my favorite clocks:





I wonder what I will play around with next?

What are you showcasing today?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.



  1. Looking forward to that Frieda Klein book too. Of course, I need to read books #3 and #4 before then, but always good to have goals. Right? You granddaughter is so cute. Love her ‘retro’ eyeliner.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Kay, I am hooked on the Frieda Klein books, and while this newest one is out in Australia, and probably the UK….it is not yet available here…sigh.

      Hope you enjoy books three and four….and yes, Fiona does enjoy doing things with makeup. Sometimes it is almost too much…LOL. But she is having fun.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. You have such lovely collections! I can see how it would be difficult to part with any of them.
    Thank you for the book recommendations too. All of them sound like stories I’d enjoy.
    My Saturday Snapshot post is HERE.


    • Thanks, Sandra, and so far, I have just moved the collectibles to a closet, but will probably put them in a bin in the garage soon. I am still debating that one. LOL

      Glad you could stop by, and I am enjoying my reads.


  3. Am liking the concept of Eat the Document … I grew up during the 70’s so it’s pretty meaningful to me … love the eye make-up on Fiona! Very Cleopatra!


    • Thanks, Susan, and I like this version of Fiona better than some…but that’s just between us. She would never hear it from me! LOL

      I haven’t gotten very far with Eat the Document yet (doing some sporadic napping!)..but the era is one I relate to for various reasons, like it signifies the time I finally stood up for myself and my ideals.

      Glad you could stop by.


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