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Happy Mother’s Day, for all the mothers out there….and let’s have a little toast with our mimosas.


mimosa time

It was a fabulous reading week for me…five books, and a few blog posts.  So let’s take a look….


Blue Mondays Musings:  Why Older Characters Fascinate Me

Serendipitous Tuesday:  Intros/Teasers – “Daughters-in-Law”

My Interior World:  Disney Characters Take a Hiatus

Curl up While You Wait for “The Quality of Silence”

My Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts:  A Weird Day

Friday Sparks:  Book Beginnings/Friday 56 – “Eat the Document”

Bookish Saturday with Snapshots:  Books, Family, & Home

Review:  Never Tell a Lie (e-book), by Hallie Ephron

Review:  The Third Wife (e-book), by Lisa Jewell (NetGalley)

Review:  As Night Falls (e-book), by Jenny Milchman (NetGalley)

Review:  Those Girls (e-book), by Chevy Stevens (NetGalley)

Review:  The Life You’ve Imagined, by Kristina Riggle



INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles Linked to Amazon)

I received ONE review book in the mail…and I purchased four books.

The Shore, by Sara Taylor (Amazon Vine)






Four Book Purchases:


PicMonkey Collage-new books in may


The Summer Girls (e-book, Book 1), by Mary Alice Monroe

The Daylight Marriage (e-book), by Heidi Pitlor

Apron Strings (e-book), by Mary Morony

Born with Teeth, by Kate Mulgrew



WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Currently Reading:  Eat the Document (e-book), by Dana Spiotta






The Secrets She Keeps (e-book), by Deb Caletti (NetGalley)






Guilt, by Jonathan Kellerman






Maybe I will get to this one: 


Little Black Lies(e-book), by Sandra Block






Now I am going to have another cup of coffee…and read!  What did your week look like?  What’s coming next?





  1. Laurel, you are on a roll recently, what with Vine, Netgalley and your own purchases! I look forward to reading your thoughts. I do want to pick up The Shore, Those Girls, and The Summer Girls. A couple of your choices I’ve read or have on my to-read list to get to.

    Have a great Mother’s Day! My youngest is going to cook me Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas (one of her few recipes since she doesn’t cook much, but it is oh so good, a carb-fest of taste!). Enjoy your day!


    1. Ooh, enjoy your enchiladas! They sound delicious….I don’t know what my daughter will cook, but whatever she prepares is always delicious.

      I am excited about my bookish choices lately…and about how I seem to be finding just what I need to read to suit my mood. Thanks for stopping by, Rita, and Happy Mother’s Day!


  2. Enjoy the mimosas (and the coffees)! The Life You’ve Imagined sound nice, and i like that it’s set in Michigan! Looks like a very nice read.

    Happy Mothers day!


  3. Oooh I got The Shore in the mail as well, last week. I am looking forward to reading it. You got some really good looking books this week. Guilt and The Secrets She Keeps look really good. I am looking forward to your reviews. Happy reading!
    My Sunday Post


  4. Laurel: You’re on a roll again. I want to hear what you think of Eat the Document and the Heidi Pitlor book. I’ll check back on those. Enjoy your week!


  5. Another great week! Everyone seems to be reading The Shore lately… can’t decide if it’s for me. I’ve been curious about Eat the Document for a while, so will keep an eye out for your thoughts.


  6. fangswandsfairy

    Captain Janeway’s (Kate Mulgrew’s) book has been getting a lot of press lately. I am interested to see what you think. Thanks for the visit!


  7. I’ve got Those Girls by Stevens as well but it’s not due for publication here until July so I can’t publish my review til then, so have left it sit on my NG shelf.

    I like some of the upcoming reads thought have read all of the Kellerman books so must have read it at some point. (They kind of blur after a while!!! But I did like his earlier ones better than his recent ones!)

    Hope you enjoyed the mimosa and have a great week!


  8. Wow five books in the week – very impressive. I enjoyed The Summer Girls on audio and will definitely listen to the other two in this trilogy. Happy reading.


  9. Teddyree

    Happy Mother’s Day, sounds like you enjoyed your day with your daughter and grandson. Looking forward to your thoughts on The Secrets She Keeps. Have a wonderful week and happy reading 🙂


  10. I hope you had a great Mother’s Day and I’m glad you had a fabulous reading week. I hope you love the Sumer Girls series. I loved it. I plan to post my review of the 3rd (final) book of the series on Thursday.


    1. Oh, you are seriously deprived, Voracious Reader! LOL

      Easy to make: A little OJ…and the rest is champagne. Of course, some put in mostly OJ and a tidbit of champagne, but for maximum enjoyment, try it my way.


  11. Hmm, the title “Eat the Document” intrigues me. May have to go check that out! We also had mimosas on Sunday for mother’s day! Thanks for visiting my Sunday Post earlier.


  12. Ooooo….Little Black Lies was good. ENJOY!!

    I will be curious to see what you think of Shore. I couldn’t get into it.

    Looks like you have some really good reads coming up. The Secrets She Keeps looks good to me.

    Have a wonderful week, Laurel.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday


  13. I haven’t heard of The Shore so I’ll watch for your review, Laurel. I’ve been reading The Secret Life of Violet Grant the past week or so. Looking forward to picking up the new Mary Kay Andrews book after that. Have a good week!


  14. Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day! The Shore looks wonderful, and I’ve been contemplating Born with Teeth. Have a great week! PS. Your blog background is very pretty!


    1. Thanks, Lucy, and I did have a great day. Glad you like the background…when I found it, I thought it perfectly expressed the mood of this blog. I am also looking forward to these books.


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