Welcome to My Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts!  Check out Christine’s blog to see what others are doing this week.

It has been a couple of weeks since I participated in this event….last week was a total wash, with all the distractions, etc.

Coming this weekend is a Mini-Bloggiesta event, which I always enjoy.  I really loved the main event a couple of months ago, but this one is like a chance to do some minor tweaks.

I will be primarily working on Serendipity, but I will also do a few things on my other sites.  Like on this one, I’ve already changed the header.


Both of my granddaughters (like twins, they were born the same month and year) graduated high school.  Aubrey graduated in May, and promptly went to Hawaii as her senior grad trip.  Here she is with her dad (my son) and two of her brothers.



My Robinson Four


Fiona graduated Tuesday night, and afterwards, we all got together at the Spaghetti Factory for a dinner…and closed down the restaurant.  (Below:  Fiona is on the right; her cousin Dani, left, also graduated).



Graduates -Fiona & cousin Dani


They are eager to go off to college, but first, summer fun!


I am now happily enjoying Netflix on my Blu-Ray player—not that my whole hooking-up-to-the-laptop via HDMI cables wasn’t a great way to go—but this is easier.  I finally finished watching the five seasons of Breaking Bad…and started House of Cards.





This week’s reading has kept me glued to my books (Kindle, actually); and now I am reading a print book from Vine:  Eight Hundred Grapes, by Laura Dave.  It is fun so far.






I think I am finally getting into my rhythm at NetGalley.  I have received some great reads, and my rules for myself are working so far: only request books from authors recommended to me or have read, and only books that I would otherwise have purchased.

I am trying to avoid the deep dark hole I was in with Amazon Vine when I requested books without a lot of thought…and then found myself slogging through them.  Not fun!


What books are you enjoying?  What’s ahead in the upcoming weeks?  Summer fun?  Trips?



  1. Eight hundred grapes is on my list this month too.
    As a blogger/reader, you really have to be careful what you choose. Badly written books can be tedious! And reading should be fun.


  2. Brandie

    I am wishing I had the hard copy of 800 Grapes instead of the eARC. I am going to have to purchase it for my bookshelves once it’s in paperback! I just love that cover.

    Congrats to your granddaughters on their graduations! Hawaii for senior trip?! That is awesome!!

    I don’t get to watch as much tv or movies as I wish I could. We don’t even have a DVD player anymore, as we put it in my daughter’s room when she got a tv for Christmas. I wish there was more time in the day to catch up on movies I’ve been wanting to see! Years ago, I was a Netflix junkie, binge watching as many tv series as I could fit into a night. That was before I really got back into reading. Now I try to binge read every night before I crash. 😉

    Enjoy the book!


    1. Another advantage to being older, I guess…LOL. More time to myself.

      I have never even been to Hawaii! And my granddaughter Aubrey has already been to Europe.

      With the Blu-Ray, I can watch one episode in between other activities, and I’m loving it. Thanks for visiting, Brandie.


    1. Definitely! I am grateful that I was able to watch via the laptop, though, until I got this device. Thanks for stopping by, Katherine, and those granddaughters have grown up sooo fast. It seems like they were babies just the other day.


  3. I just received A Week at the Lake by Wendy Wax. I am trying to be careful about requesting books on NetGalley. My review percentage is low. It is so tempting to just click the request button. Congratulations to your granddaughters!


    1. Yes, I realized that soon after I started…as I had a whole list of books at first. Now I am trying to keep it down to under 3 at a time. Thanks for stopping by, Pat, and I am very excited about A Week at the Lake.


  4. I haven’t been on Vine in ages- there wasn’t much happening and I was at the point where I just have SO many of my own books. I need to read and review what I have out and maybe start checking out other products.

    House of Cards is great! We haven’t watched the new season yet, but really enjoyed the others.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Christine…I keep contemplating backing away from Vine, for the same reasons. I have a lot of books on my Kindle (and in the cloud) that I may never read at the rate I’m going.

      I am also excited about the new Netflix season for Orange is the New Black.


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