Welcome to another Beyond the Books feature, hosted by KissinBlueKaren.

Today’s feature is Your Favorite Shows.

I have a variety of favorites that change as the season change.  Right now I am enjoying several shows, beginning with Major Crimes:



major crimes


I also love Rizzoli & Isles:



rizzoli and isles


And The Fosters:



the fosters


Then there are some favorites that are on hiatus at the moment:

The Good Wife



the good wife


How To Get Away with Murder


how to get away with murder


These are my top favorites, and then there are others that I add to my DVR as they appear in the line-up.  I generally love anything that is full of drama.  A little mystery—or a lot of mystery—adds to the fun for me.


I am also an avid fan of Netflix shows, and have a variety on my queue.  Right now I’m watching House of Cards, having just completed Season I of Bloodline...and before that, all the seasons of Breaking Bad. 

Grace and Frankie, Season I, was a favorite, and I have watched three seasons of Orange is the New Black.


What are your favorites?  I hope you will come on by and share….



    • Even though I always feel sad when my favorites are on hiatus, it is lovely that there are fill-in favorites during those times. I think Good Wife and Rizzoli and Isles are my favorites of all, because I love the characters and the situations.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kimba.


    • Me, too, Katherine…I love how we get to see more of the characters than just their roles as detectives…and I like the Rusty character, too.

      I loved The Closer, so I was sad when it ended…but glad that they brought those characters over to this new show.


    • Oh, yes, I love Murder in the First, too….and I already binged on Season 3 of OINB…and now it’ll be another year until Season 4 comes out, probably…LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth.


    • Ooh, I don’t really like reality shows, but I did watch a few episodes of the Beverly Hills Housewives. And, for a while, I watched that ridiculous and annoying reality show with Tori and Dean Spelling…I was often frustrated with them and their stupid arguments on the show.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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