In Mundy’s Landing, on the banks of the Hudson River, a gruesome heritage lurks. The Sleeping Beauty murders of 1916 are memorialized by the Historical Society, and have become legendary.

Rowan Mundy is married to Jake, descendant to some of the more famous (or infamous) Mundys, but Jake and Rowan are upstanding citizens. Parents, professionals, and contributing members of the community.

Their three children, Blake, Katie, and Mitch, are their pride and joy, even though Mitch is sometimes as troubled as Rowan recalls herself to be as a teenager. But nowadays, Rowan is a fourth-grade teacher in the school that she herself attended.

Rowan’s red hair has become the focus of an unknown person, a stalker, and possibly the man murdering young red-haired women throughout the Tri-State area.

Blood Red: Mundy’s Landing Book One has multiple narrators, including Rowan, her sister Noreen, her youngest son Mick, and a stalker called “Casey,” although it isn’t long before we suspect that there is much more to “Casey” than we can tell from his narrative.

Fourteen years ago, Rowan had a brief encounter with Rick Walker, the next door neighbor, and while their interaction was mostly kissing, she is still troubled by what happened.

When she starts receiving anonymous packages, beginning with a box of burnt cookies, symbolic of that afternoon encounter, she begins to suspect Rick. But as more and more time passes, along with some very strange incidents, we realize that Rowan is in danger…and the mysterious narrator is somehow involved.

Who is Casey? And what, if anything, does Rick have to do with these events?

Numerous characters suddenly look suspicious, and before long, we begin to think that the killer could be someone very close to Rowan. But who? And as more bodies pile up, NYPD detectives also become involved, and they are zeroing in on Mundy’s Landing. I enjoyed this page-turning mystery with characters that felt so real they might have been neighbors or friends, and can easily award 4.5 stars.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Katherine, and yes, this one was pretty dark. But with the kind of suspense I enjoy. Since it is the first in a trilogy, I am eager to get the next ones, too.

      I have another of her books on Pippa…The Perfect Stranger. I just reread the blurb, and I’m wondering why I’ve waited to dive in! It’s about a blogger, whose life is endangered by an online predator. Wow, right?


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