From the beginning, I felt a special connection to Grace Blades, our MC. Her story opens with some violent scenes from childhood, and very shortly, we realize the significance of the book’s title: The Murderer’s Daughter.

We then fast forward to the adult Grace, a well-known and respected psychologist: Dr. Grace Blades. Her specialty is working with post-traumatic stress victims. She could not have picked a more interesting way to “heal herself,” I thought, as I watched her go through her day. In her internal monologues, we learn of some of her guiding forces, one of whom was Alex Delaware, whom she met while in training. He reappears in her thoughts occasionally throughout the book.

But then we see an unexpected twist. She turns into a completely different person by night, changing her looks, taking risks, and going way outside her comfort zone.

Her office in West Hollywood is a lovely cottage, and her home is on La Costa Beach. She has two different cars she uses, depending on which mood that is leading her. A sports car and a more conventional one.

What does Grace do in the night-time hours? How will one night with one particular man force a collision between her two worlds?

Moving back and forth between the past and the present, we glimpse Grace’s childhood, her constant moving between foster homes…and then, finally, how she she lands in a special place where she is allowed to grow and flourish. Ramona Stage, foster mother and ranch owner, and her brother-in-law Malcolm Bluestone, a psychologist, become mentors and help redirect Grace. She is extremely bright and gifted, and her talents are given free rein.

But can any of her special gifts help her overcome the pains of the past? Will the violence that comes to her very door take her off course? Or will she find a way to overcome and triumph?

A page-turner, this story kept me reading long into the night, and then woke me up for more reading. At the end, I was fascinated by how Grace turned herself from victim to stalker, following the clues until her enemies were in her cross-hairs. A stunning story that I will not soon forget. 5 stars.

**I received this book from the publishers via NetGalley.



  1. Wow! This one sounds wonderful. I used to read every Alex Delaware book and then I kind of lost that need. Glad to know that this one has a connection, in part, to Alex. I will definitely pick this one up.


  2. I’m almost done with this and I’m intrigued by how both Grace and Samael had horrible childhoods and are very intelligent, but turned out so differently. I wish she had a girlfriend or another confidante-type person in her life. I felt badly about that, but see why it’s needed and I guess Walt kind of serves that purpose.


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