Hello, bloggers!  Today I would like to participate in a feature from KissinBlueKaren’s Beyond the Books.

Every week, we visit a topic, and today’s is Where I Blog.  (With photos).

So, I’m in.  I love talking about my places and spaces, and in July, I had a temporary blogging space in my dining area, due to house guests in my office.



temporary office 2

And on that Baker’s Rack, which you see in the right corner (above), here’s where I kept my coffee cup (below):


Morning coffee - august 1


Now, in August, and going forward, I am back in my office, blogging away at my “normal” work station:




Here is the other side of that room, which gives you a peek into my whole blogging ambience:






What does your blogging space look like?  Come on by and share!



  1. I use a throw pillow under the laptop to get it to the right height on my lap, and I have a table w/ shelves on one side and a small tabletop on the other. Also, because it’s just me, I can leave things in reach space on the floor. When I get up that’s where the computer goes!

    I notice that not only do we like many of the same books, we also decorate in a similar style. I have a baker’s rack, thin pine corner cupboard, tan couch, etc. And I used to have a great retro dining set that I lost in a breakup. But yours has a round top, never seen that before.


    • Thanks, Elizabeth, and except for when I have house guests, like I did for all of July, I can leave things where I want them, too. Maybe, after seeing your set-up and those of others, I can become more flexible.

      I LOVE Baker’s Racks, and I must have looked in a dozen stores before I found this one in a shop that was going out of business. It had to fit my requirements: no glass shelves (I hate those!), and some wood as well as metal shelves. I had it in another part of the dining area, but ended up moving it so it was more visible from everywhere else when you come in the door. I wanted it to be a focal point. Of course, for me to move it on my own, I had to take everything off and then carefully slide it…LOL.

      My kids yell at me for doing things on my own, especially with a bad back…but if I waited for one of them to help, I’d still be waiting.

      The retro dining set was one I got from a consignment shop, and it was in my guest house before I sold that place. It seemed perfect for my downsized space.

      Glad you could stop by!


  2. Your blogging spaces look so cozy! My walls are still mostly bare. I pretend I’m going through a minimalist phase, but the truth is I’m just lazy. I use busy as an excuse a lot. 🙂

    I love your retro table! My aunt loves all things Coke. I am sure she’d be jealous. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Wendy; I do love sharing my spaces and visiting the spaces of others.

      When my kids were little, I didn’t have much time to focus on my spaces. I started the Coca Cola collecting when I was decorating my guest house on my property in the foothills. After selling, I brought those things into my smaller space; they seemed more suitable than my larger pieces.


    • Thanks, Heather, I bought the Coca Cola stuff for my guest house in the foothills, and when I sold both the main house and the guest house to downsize, this furniture seemed to fit in my new space.

      I love having the more or less permanent desk, which is really just a drop leaf table that once “lived” in other rooms.


  3. Your office is awesome with books on the left and books on the right. That would inspire me to get those reviews written so I could move on to the next. I totally need an office.
    Thanks for playing long this week!


    • Thanks, Karen, I do seem to need a “visual” to help motivate me, even though I also have notebooks and a blog where I track my books…

      When I first moved here, I had sooo many unread books (166), so I’m happy to have fewer print books to manage.

      The number of e-books seem to be growing, however…sigh.


  4. I love all the Coca Cola memorabilia you have and especially the table! That is a really cute room. And your blogging space is great – you have a lot of room.


  5. I love your juke-box (radio ?) on the first picture, I wish I had one like that ! And your office looks so cozy and comfortable 🙂 Thanks for sharing !


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