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The week flew by, and while I didn’t achieve any records in my books read totals, I did manage a decent number:  three.  The books were quite diverse and enjoyable.

I also found myself bingeing on Netflix, finishing up Lipstick Jungle and beginning with Cedar Cover.

Now I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and pondering what happened this past week.






Changing up the Blog & My Interior World

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Curl up with Intros/Teasers – “The Summer Girls”

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Bookish Friday: Excerpts & Bookish News

Saturday Sparks: Baby Love!

Review: Cold Spring Harbor (e-book), by Richard Yates

Review: The Summer Girls, Book 1 (e-book), by Mary Alice Monroe

Review: My Real Children (e-book), by Jo Walton


INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Another empty mailbox, but I downloaded, via purchase, two e-books:

Who Do You Love (e-book), by Jennifer Weiner






The Summer Wind (Book 2) (e-book), by Mary Alice Monroe






WHAT’S UP NEXT? (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Currently Reading:  The Mistake I Made (e-book), by Paula Daly (NetGalley – To Be Released on 9/8)






One Moment, One Morning (e-book), by Sarah Rayner






In the Unlikely Event (e-book), by Judy Blume






So that was my week…and what I am looking forward to in the upcoming week.  What did yours look like?  I also enjoyed more purging, and here is one of my bookshelves AFTER:





  1. Red Iza

    I checked the Netflix references, but they’re not available in France yet 🙂 Those book blurbs look good, I’m looking forward to your reviews ! I love your shelves with plenty family portraits, it looks homey and loving. Have a great weekend !


  2. I spent a bit of time on nettflix as well. Didn’t read much unfortunately. I like your new look, and wow! You did purge a lot of books… The Mistake I MAde and One Momen, One Morning both looks good.

    Enjoy your weekend!


    1. I am excited about my reading list this week, and I’m already loving The Mistake I Made. However, I was watching Cedar Cove on Netflix most of the day….I tend to binge. Thanks for stopping by, Greg.


  3. I’ve been wanting to get the Cedar Cove series watched on Netflix but I’m waiting until I read the books or at least some of them. I’ve heard great things about the show. I do want to try Jennifer Weiner’s books as well as Mary Alice Monroe and I absolutely love the cover of One Moment, One Morning. Have a great week!


    1. Cedar Cove is also on the Hallmark channel, but I only recently got that one…and it’s a later season now showing, I think. So I’m trying to watch the two seasons on Netflix before continuing with the series on TV. Thanks for stopping by, Katherine, and enjoy.


    1. Oh, I know, it is a dilemma about what to do with the little amount of time. When my son and DIL were here, they discovered all kinds of things on my TV channel line-up (the On Demand features that I’ve never used for premium shows!), so now there is even more of a time suck available to me! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Kimba, and I love the cover of One Moment, One Morning, too.


  4. Nice looking bookcase after your purge! I have the Judy Blume book too, but feel exactly like the poster on Kimba’s blog – for every book read, ten more are added. Have no idea when I will reach it.


    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and while I am congratulating myself on my purge of physical books, I feel a little guilty about the books I am adding on Pippa, my Kindle; I am in denial about how many books I have…LOL. Out of sight, out of mind.

      Glad you could stop by.


  5. fangswandsfairy(alt)

    I have heard good things about the Judy Blume. I never read her children’s books but I might look at that one someday.


    1. I haven’t read Blume’s children’s books either. I have read and enjoyed her adult books, and while I was purging that shelf pictured above, I found a couple of them, which I kept: Smart Women and Summer Sisters.

      That shelf had some of my older books on it, so I’ve had those two for a LONG time, which tells me it’s been a while since she wrote an adult book. Thanks for stopping by, Steph.


    1. Thanks, Hattie, and I found a set of cups and luncheon plates, a set of four, on close-out in a furniture store. Of course I had to have the whole set, but if I were to break one, where would I find a replacement? Sigh.

      I am looking forward to The Summer Wind, too. Enjoy your week.


  6. I love the look of The Mistake I Made so I’m adding that one to my TBR list for sure! I can never resist a great thriller and I’ve been wanting to try this author for some time now. Enjoy all of your new reads!


  7. I just signed up for a free trial month with Netflix today, I have some shows I’ve been wanting to watch, and we’ll see if I’ll find the time or not 🙂
    You got some great-looking books this week! I love Jennifer Weiner, and hope you’ll enjoy Who Do You Love!
    Have a fantastic week ahead and happy reading, Laurel-Rain.


    1. Lexxie, I am very grateful for that free 30 day trial on Netflix, as I kept going, of course, and it has opened up new shows and movies for me. Thanks for stopping by, and I love Jennifer Weiner too.



  9. Ohh I like the look of The Summer Wind, I’m trying to cram in as many summer books as I can before we have to really say goodbye to summer for this year. And I know I want to pick up that Judy Blume book at some stage, her books were a huge part of my teenage years.


  10. The Cue Card

    That Paula Daly novel’s plot sounds sort of like Indecent Proposal. Remember that movie with Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson? A bit crazy or intense eh? Enjoy your week.


    1. Oh, yes, I have the DVD of Indecent Proposal…and this plot does sound similar. In fact, the characters in the book mention that movie as they are discussing the situation…LOL. Thanks for visiting, Susan, and yes, the storyline is taking some unexpected twists and turns.


  11. Looks like some good end of summer reading. I love the cover of One Moment, One Morning.
    Enjoy your week. I like the blog looks – they are bright and charming and sparkling. Seems to suit your tendency to rearrange and brighten. 🙂


    1. Yes, I just read your review, Cleopatra…glad you enjoyed it! I am definitely hooked on this book and this author. And I’ve enjoyed previous books by Raynor. Thanks for stopping by…have a great week!


    1. Oh, I loved In Her Shoes, too, Mary….and many of her others; I also loved the movie, with Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, and Shirley MacLaine, among others. Thanks for stopping by…enjoy your week.


  12. I had the third book in the “Summer” series by MAM, but had to return it to the library before I left for Alaska. I just may purchase it so I don’t have to wait to finish. In The Unlikely Event is on my stack as well. The Mistake I Made is calling to me! Have a great week.


  13. It’s been a while since I’ve read Jennifer Weiner, but this new one sounds good. Enjoy your reading – and netflix watching! (I’ve recently been watching OITNB, after hearing so much about it!)


  14. Three books finished is good. I used to read two a week, but this summer it’s down to one. Your shelf looks so neat and organized. I’m still thinking about which of my books to set free! There are many I know I will never read again.


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