When Izzy Lane is dumped by her husband, Bruce Silverstein, she feels lost and demoralized. But she has to be strong for her five-year-old son Noah, so she chooses a move that will feel comfortable and familiar. She moves into her childhood home in Northeast Philadelphia, after her parents vacate the house to move to the beach. She also works as a high school counselor, and enjoys her role as a helping professional.

In the neighborhood, she finds a familiar solace from Mrs. Feldman, the next door neighbor who has been a constant since childhood.

Additionally, her best friend Jade, along with her cousin Rachel, constitute a support system of sorts.

But that isn’t enough for her. She wants to show that she is moving on, so she starts a personal blog in which she shares her thoughts and feelings about being a single mom, and because she loves the comments she is getting, she starts to share more. Embellish a little. It begins to get out of hand, but then it takes on a life of its own, thanks to her friend Jade, who has an online site called Pop Philly. Jade wants her to write a blog for singles over forty…and she will pay her. What happens next will have unexpected consequences.

How does Izzy’s secret turn into a blackmail attempt by a co-worker? What will Izzy do to try to make things right? Can Izzy’s friendships survive? Will she be further demoralized, or can some good come of it all?

Narrated in Izzy’s first person voice, The Good Neighbor is a story about friendship, about betrayal, and about trying to live with the hand you’re dealt. It is also about what happens when you forget to be true to yourself. Recommended for women dealing with similar issues. 4 stars.

***My e-ARC was received from the publisher via NetGalley.


    • There is another book, at NetGalley as well, with the same title. I think I was expecting something more dark and mysterious, like that other book….but I enjoyed this one anyway. Thanks for visiting, Katherine.


  1. Your review is helpful in cueing me in to my read of it in a little while. Oh dear sounds like she lands herself in a bit of a pickle, look forward to finding out how she wades through it.


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