In mid-seventies Atlanta, the police force is warring within its ranks: blacks against whites, male against female. And somewhere in the city, a Shooter is picking off cops, one after the other.

Maggie Lawson comes from a family of cops, beginning with her Uncle Terry, her brother Jimmy, and then she herself is trying to make her mark, but finds herself up against the men in the family who treat her like a rookie.

Kate Murphy is a new recruit and has a lot to prove. Growing up in Buckhead, she faced high expectations. But after her husband Patrick died in Viet Nam, everything changed for her.

Hovering around the edges of the city, watching, is someone named Fox. He is trained on Kate, then the Lawsons. Could he be the Shooter? And what would Kate discover from a doctor friend after Jimmy Lawson is shot, and when his partner Don is killed?

Secrets, lies, power struggles…all the issues of the world outside beset the inside world of Cop Town.

The story evoked emotions that reminded me of that time in my own life and how the power struggles would change everyone. But the changes would not come easily, and some would fight to the bitter end.

I enjoyed the characters, especially the females, even though some of them were almost as difficult to deal with as the men. Could any of them find their way in this world of power struggles? I couldn’t stop turning pages wondering who was hiding behind the “Fox” nomenclature, since obviously he is someone disguised, possibly someone we least suspect. 5 stars.


  1. This was a very different offering from Slaughter wasn’t it? I didn’t ‘love’ it but appreciated the challenges her characters faced. I loved Lynda La Plante’s Tennison recently which was a bit similar.


    • I loved it, too, Nise…I wasn’t crazy about the Lawson family or about the way the male cops treated the females…but that was the 70s. I recall it being like that where I worked, too. Thanks for stopping by.


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