Kelly Johnson begins to find herself in the dentist’s chair, and from there, her life changes will form. She uses a lot of Post-it notes, placed strategically everywhere in her home and in her car, which she has named Doug.

Her husband Patrick is her best friend, and he proves to be very supportive as she begins to change her life that summer, while her two sons, David and Sean, are at summer camp.

All around her, life is changing. Her friend Kathryn drops off her anorexic teen daughter Melanie, hoping for the help she herself cannot provide, while she is finding herself in Montana.

Another friend, Charlotte, who is a realtor, persuades Kelly to help stage a home she has on the market…and from that point on, Kelly is swept up into a new business of her own. Staging turns into an exciting venture, even as she is caught up in the chaos of her friends’ marriages.

Here, Home, Hope took off slowly for me, but from the moment that Kelly began planning for her home staging career, I was drawn in and very intrigued.

I enjoyed the characters, each of whom felt real to me, from the self-absorbed Charlotte and her new love Bruce, to the sulky teen Melanie, who started to grow on me after a while. Her mother Kathryn was absent for most of the story, but when she reappeared, she seemed like a “new person.” Even the dog Oreo felt like a real “person.” I could definitely picture the annoying Rachel White, whom I dubbed Queen of Negativity…and the suburban community that featured each of the characters and homes. I liked Kelly’s narrative voice, a self-deprecatory tone that slowly changed to a more optimistic one. A fun read, earning 4 stars from me.


    • I don’t think I could do staging or decorating for others…I like what I like, and that’s what I do…LOL.

      It is definitely fun to read about for me, though…and my love of design came out in my newest novel, when I wrote about an interior designer (fictional).

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn.


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