They were a mismatched pair. Lovell Hall and Hannah Monroe came from different worlds and different perspectives. She was born into a wealthy family with numerous privileges and no responsibilities. He had to work for everything, and his mind was of a scientific bent, while she loved the arts and her work with flowers. She had no practical abilities, and often forgot to pay the bills.

Sixteen years later, they are no closer together, and, in fact, they are living parallel lives. Communication is scanty. Their two children, Janine, 15, and Ethan, 8, are the glue that hold them together…along with their memories of happier times.

One devastating night changes everything. They argue, they fight, but they stop short of physical violence. Just smashed glass and harsh words. But enough to change the course of their world.

The next day, Hannah goes missing, and it would be many months before answers come about what happened to her.

Lovell and Hannah are alternating narrators, and her voice comes to us at carefully timed intervals, revealing what happened that day, leading us through each moment.

Meanwhile, the family left behind is falling apart, with Janine acting out with curses, a shaved head, and total defiance. Even as I could understand her feelings, I found most of her behavior appalling. She was a hard character to tolerate.

Lovell had his own struggles holding it together, and often lashed out as well.

The Daylight Marriage was a portrayal of how a marriage can unravel slowly, and then devastatingly crumble in just a few moments. The characters felt like real people struggling to make the most of their differences, but failing miserably. A tense and engaging story that was unforgettable. 5 stars.


  1. I’m just now seeing some reviews of this book and it’s recently come out in paperback, right? I also think I’ve seen it in the library. Anyway, sounds like a good one. I like your description of how it affected you as you read it. I’ll be watching for it again at the library.


  2. Ooh sounds good – I was actually approved on NetGalley for this one but the file wouldn’t open – For some reason I’m especially taken with tales of marital strife, I think it is the fact that no-one really knows what goes on behind closed doors!


    • I know that my interest in family issues, especially strife, stems from all those social work years….LOL. I can’t seem to leave it behind.

      Now I’m thinking I need to check all of my NetGalley books as soon as I download them…hadn’t really imagined that the file might not open. Thanks for stopping by, Cleopatra.


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