They were true soul mates, or so they believed. Childhood best friends, then sweethearts, and finally, husband and wife: They were Aubrey Trenton and Joshua Hamilton, forever connected.

Then their bond was severed by his disappearance one night, when the two were attending pre-wedding parties for friends in a local hotel.

Set in Nashville, the story told in No One Knows weaves together the history of these two, both before his disappearance and after. Her parents died when she was young, and she grew up mostly in foster care. He was emotionally smothered by his controlling mother, Daisy, but otherwise, his life seemed more normal. In the early years of their marriage, he was in medical school and then he was a young doctor. Their future had seemed wide open.

Alternate narratives spanned the Before years and continued for a five year period After…on the face of things, it was almost impossible to see anything but an unfortunate series of tragic events that led to that fateful night. But before the story ends, we come to learn a lot more. Stunned by how events ultimately played out, I could not stop turning pages, never knowing what would happen next. What sudden turn might change everything about what I thought I knew, and make it impossible to know who was more unreliable as a narrator: Josh or Aubrey? Or both.

Like a kaleidoscope that distorts events, revealing something different every time you turn it, the world we see through the eyes of Josh and Aubrey was a crazy one indeed. A book that I will not soon forget. 5 stars.

*** I received an e-ARC from the publisher via NetGalley.

19 thoughts on “REVIEW: NO ONE KNOWS, BY J. T. ELLISON

  1. Brandie

    I’m really glad you enjoyed this one. I’m still reading it and am only about 20% in. I will admit that I don’t feel really invested in the story yet. There’s something not clicking with me, and last night I got to a part that made me think I had the end figured out already. I hope I’m wrong – I hate figuring out an ending before the big reveal! I’m going to keep reading and hopefully it gets better for me!


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  3. Cheryl Paige

    Can someone, anyone, please explain what happened at the end (as in literally the last page and a half)? Seriously, I felt so disappointed. The package? The interaction between her and Mr. Boden (Chase or Josh?) and the significance of the storm clouds. I feel almost annoyed that after committing to 360 pages, the end isn’t remotely clear. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think we have to interpret that ending ourselves…at any rate, spoiler zone! Sorry, Cheryl, and thanks for stopping by.

      Maybe I should implement a “spoiler page,” as I’ve seen on some blogs, where those who’ve read the book can go to find these answers.


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