As we begin the story of Don’t You Cry, we are introduced to Quinn Collins. A young woman living in Chicago and sharing an apartment with Esther Vaughan, and we learn more about her through her voice as she alternately narrates the story.

An alarm shatters the silence, Quinn awakens to a man in her bed who looks nothing like he did the night before….she asks him to leave. Then she goes to search for the alarm, but Esther is not in her room. She shuts the alarm off, notices that the window to the fire escape is wide open, but doesn’t think too much of it. She goes back to sleep.

Right away the red flags go up. Why is Quinn not more curious about the situation? Is she completely insensitive? But then after several hours go by—almost a day, in fact—she is suddenly spooked and talks to her friend and colleague Ben.

Sorting through Esther’s effects in her room, there are several strange discoveries: paperwork for a name change, ATM receipts for large withdrawals, and notes addressed to My Dearest. More comes to light over the next few days, and we have to wonder if Esther left involuntarily, or if she is even plotting some nefarious deeds.

Alex Gallo, our alternate narrator, lives in a nearby Michigan harbor town, an hour away, and we soon learn of his obsession with a strange young woman he calls “Pearl.” Who is she, and what will happen between them? Why is he drawn to her? She is a few years older, and he is a teenager, abandoned by his mother and living with an alcoholic father…so the connection might not be a romantic one. And how does Ingrid, the agoraphobic woman Alex helps occasionally, fit into the story? What are the secrets lurking in the abandoned house across the street, where once lived a girl named Genevieve? What is the significance of a creepy lullaby?

Of course, it is easy to leap to conclusions at this point, but everything we’ve learned so far might simply be a slew of red herrings…and the truth could still be inaccessible to us.

At some point, I became annoyed and even a little frightened of all the characters…which had the effect of making me want to keep reading. What will be unveiled in the end? Stay tuned, and don’t close your eyes for a moment. You might be stunned by what happens next. I was. 5 stars.

***My e-ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.



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