Welcome to another Bookish Friday, in which I  share excerpts from books…and connect with other bloggers, who do the same.

Let’s begin the celebration by sharing Book Beginnings, hosted by Rose City Reader; and let’s showcase The Friday 56 with Freda’s Voice.

To join in, just grab a book and share the opening lines…along with any thoughts you wish to give us; then turn to page 56 and excerpt anything on the page.

Then give us the title of the book, so others can add it to their lists!

What better way to spend a Friday!

Today’s feature, one of my Kindle Prime freebies, Intrusion, by Mary McCluskey, is about a loving couple, grieving the loss of their son, who find their marriage in free fall when a beautiful, long-lost acquaintance inserts herself into their lives.






Beginning:  The narrow hotel bar, with its dull, disguising light, ran alongside the crystal ballroom.  Kat Hamilton, seated on a barstool at the far end of the room, sipped her fourth gin and tonic and wished that she could fade like a ghost into the wall.  The formal attire pinched.  She had worn only casual clothes since the funeral; on bad days she wore her nightshirt all day.  On this evening, the classic black dress chafed against her skin, like a winter sweater on sunburn.


56:  Kat remembered the three-hour test, the interview in front of a committee of middle-class governors.  She could still visualize the chairwoman:  a terrifying woman with shaded equine teeth.


Synopsis:  Kat and Scott Hamilton are dealing with the hardest of losses: the death of their only child. While Scott throws himself back into his law practice in Los Angeles, Kat is hesitant to rejoin the workplace and instead spends her days shell-shocked and confused, unable to focus.

When an unwelcome face from Kat’s past in England emerges—the beautiful and imposing Sarah Cherrington—Kat’s marriage is thrown into a tailspin. Now wealthy beyond anything she could have imagined as a girl, Sarah appears to have everything she could need or want. But Sarah has an agenda and she wants one more thing. Soon Kat and Scott are caught up in her devious games and power plays.

Against the backdrops of Southern California and Sussex, in spare and haunting prose, Mary McCluskey propels this domestic drama to its chilling conclusion.


I’ve been eyeing this book for a while, so I’m eager to dive in.  Have you read it?  Would you keep reading?



    1. Oh, yes, the concept of intrusion, whether it’s a physical or psychological one, gets my ire up…and I want to see that person pay! lol. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa, and enjoy your pick.


    1. I am loving that Prime membership, Yvonne…I find new things all the time that make it worthwhile. I just ordered a rustic bench, with no shipping fees due to Prime. Plus, I watch Amazon Prime videos.

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend. I love the sound of this book, too.


  1. Maria D.

    I have not read this but I completely connect with the beginning – the premise sounds like it could be a “fatal attraction” type thing – hope it’s not too depressing but yeah I’m going to guess you will end up hating at least one character…lol
    Here’s my Friday meme

    Liked by 1 person

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