When a couple seems as perfect as Jack and Grace Angel, it is inevitable that there are secrets, and that more is going on with them.

Grace met Jack just a few months before they married, and she was impressed with how he expressed love and caring for her sister Millie, who has Down Syndrome and lives in a facility. He is a brilliant attorney, defending battered women, who has never lost a case. Grace becomes the perfect homemaker who gave up her job right after the marriage.

It doesn’t take long for the creep factor to enter this story, narrated by Grace, and I was worried and afraid for her from the first moments after their wedding.

Alternating between the past and the present, Behind Closed Doors, set in England, is a frightening tale that swept back and forth in time, the intensity increasing with every page.

Why does Grace never leave the house without Jack accompanying her? Is their inseparability a good thing or a sign of something dark? If Grace is under Jack’s spell, how can she manage to grasp control of her own fate and protect her sister? Will she finally be able to come out of the shadows and find happiness at last, and what must she do to accomplish that task?

A riveting tale that had me biting my nails throughout, this suspense novel earned:

cropped again 5


    • I had to forego the idea of sleeping, LOL. Even after I stopped reading to get a little sleep, I had trouble falling asleep. Too many scary/creepy thoughts going through my head. Thanks for stopping by, Katherine, and enjoy!


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