What if your passion is for the world online, and the virtual reality you have created means more than the real world?

Such is the case for Diana Highsmith, who worked in the virtual world, hacking, alongside her husband Daniel and his friend Jake…until a climbing accident took Daniel.

Now Diana is continuing to work with Jake as her only partner, to create software to combat hackers and make up for what she, Daniel, and Jake once did.

But her panic attacks, from PTSD, have literally imprisoned her in her home. Her security features alert her to potential intruders, or anyone at all who approaches her home. Isolated and crippled emotionally, Diana is not in a good place when her sister Ashley goes missing.

Finding Ashley will require Diana to take her first brave steps outside her home, into her car, and searching, with the help of another gaming friend.

But what Diana discovers as she moves beyond her home is something so surprising that she might have to change everything she believed about the life she once had.

There was a lot to intrigue me in Come and Find Me, but I did feel a bit lost when the story took us into very technical aspects of the virtual reality. I couldn’t stop reading, though, and at the end, I was stunned by the final reveal. Set in Boston, I enjoyed the characters and the connections between them. 4.0 stars.

ratings worms 4-cropped***

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