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This past week was one of pounding, windy rain that I do not love…it was great for reading, though, and I read and reviewed four books.  Now I have completed SIX books for my Read the Books You Buy Challenge.

Besides reading, I went out to get a wonderful massage on Wednesday; later I curled up with some shows on TV.  I watched This Is Us, Too Close to Home and even saw The Girl on the Train movie (again!) on Amazon Prime Videos.    I started viewing an Amazon Prime Series, Covert Affairs. 

Yesterday I went to the movies and saw 20th Century Women, starring Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, Billy Crudup, Greta Gerwig, etc.  I loved it!



Afterwards, I headed over to Yard House (again!) to use another of my gift cards from Christmas.  Here’s what I enjoyed, clam chowder and a Pomegranate Press:




A great week, despite the rain…which had an unexpected result in my kitchen.  It dislodged the skylight cover, which came crashing down when I opened an upper cabinet…and didn’t realize it was hanging there, literally by a thread (or corner!). It broke, of course, and will be replaced on Monday.  It feels eerie in my kitchen, looking up at all the space between where the cover was…and the roof. 

Let’s see what else went on last week.


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Review:  The Stepmother (e-book), by Claire Seebercropped-again-5Review:  The Orphan’s Tale, by Pam Jenoff (Amazon Vine Review)cropped-again-5Review:  Always (e-book), by Sarah Jio – (NetGalley – 2/7/17)cropped-again-5Review:  Never Alone (e-book), by Elizabeth Haynescropped-again-5


INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Nothing came in my mailbox!  But I downloaded four e-books.

Idaho (e-book), by Emily Ruskovich





Moral Defense (e-book, Book 2 – Samantha Brinkman), by Marcia Clark





Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk (e-book), by Kathleen Rooney





The Futures (e-book), by Anna Pitoniak







Currently Reading:  Sweet Lake, by Christine Nolfi (Author Review Request)





And then…

The Marriage Lie (e-book), by Kimberly Belle





Faultlines (e-book), by Barbara Taylor Sissel





That was my week…what did yours look like?  I’m leaving you a parting glimpse of yesterday’s lunch, my delicious dessert:  chocolate mousse cake and coffee with Jameson:





    1. Thanks, Kay, and yes, very scary! I didn’t know what was happening at first, but it was like the “sky was falling.”

      Enjoy your week, and that mousse cake was delicious, and small enough so I didn’t feel like a glutton.

      I am looking forward to The Marriage Lie. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Ugh, sorry to hear about your skylight / rain incident in the kitchen! You don’t sound too stressed about it though so that’s good. (And I need to take a leaf out of your book!)

    Speaking of books (see what I did there?! 😉 ) the Marcia Clark looks interesting. I haven’t seen it here yet so must check NG!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice segue, Deborah….LOL. I was happy to find that Marcia Clark book. I read Book One and really enjoyed it.

      My lower stress level has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a renter, and the management of this condo is very prompt at fixing things. It would have been done today if it wasn’t the weekend.

      But…I don’t like the empty cavity overhead, and it feels colder in here…but I could be imagining it.

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your week!


  2. Greg Hill

    I still haven’t seen The Girl on the Train but if it’s on amazon maybe I’ll go and rent it one of these nights. I wanted to see it! Sorry to hear about the skylight cover! I have skylights and I was always told they’d leak- eventually- so far so good. *knock on wood* Hope it’s not too bad until the fix it guys come.

    Glad the Sarah Jio book was good. I did want to read her Goodnight June from a year or two ago…

    Ooh dessert! Looks yummy… 🙂 So does the clam chowder!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am trying to ignore the vast cavity in my ceiling…LOL. I would have preferred not to have the skylight at all, but I guess it is good that more light comes in as a result of its presence.

      Hope you get to see The Girl on the Train movie…and that you enjoy it.

      The Goodnight June book was so good because of how the dual time lines brought in characters with connections to the author Margaret Wise Brown…I always love books set in bookstores, too, as well as the familiar Seattle setting.

      Enjoy your week, Greg, and thanks for stopping by. (The soup and dessert were delicious, and small enough that I wasn’t completely stuffed.).


    1. You are right…once is not enough! Especially when it’s done by someone who knows what he is doing. I am sorry it took me so long! Thanks for visiting, Kimberly, and that was pretty scary when the skylight came down, especially since I didn’t know what was happening at first…the sky was falling!

      Enjoy your week!


  3. What a nightmare for your kitchen. Hope it gets sorted this week. Rather jealous of your spa day – something I need. I want to read The Marriage Lie – have heard good things. Enjoy and have a good week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Emma, I hope so, too…it should be fixed tomorrow….unless they have to order something.

      Spa days are the best new thing for me, now; it took me many years, though.

      The Marriage Lie is one I’m eager to read…in fact, so many books I can’t wait to dive into. Enjoy your week! Thanks for visiting.


  4. Wow you are off to a great start with your book challenge. Good job. I watched an episode of “This is Us” for the first time this week. I enjoyed it, although I was quite confused as to who all the characters were. I really hope to start watching it from the beginning, because it seems like a good show.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Hayley, I was thinking when the skylight fell in that the rain might follow, but so far so good. I once lived in an apartment in which the roof leaked every year…and they would patch it. Then it would leak in a new place the next year. I moved!

      Enjoy your reading and your week!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. What a horrible shock with the skylight taking a dive floorwards – I hope it didn’t cause any damage on the way. Other than that, you seem to have had a really good reading and blogging week. Hope next week is a good one for you, Laurel:)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. All the wet weather is good for reading, but I’m sorry to hear about your skylight! Hope the repairs aren’t too disruptive. The massage sounds wonderful.. I’ve never had one, maybe someday. I’ll be interested in your opinion of Idaho. Reviews seem to be mixed. Have a good week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, JoAnn, and I’m glad you could visit today. I am feeling lucky that there is a masseur at my daughter’s salon, who is also a good friend of hers. It makes the whole process extra comfortable.

      I am also looking forward to Idaho…hope to love it. Enjoy your week!


  7. katarguelles

    Our weather has been crazy and it’s good to hear you weren’t hurt when the skylight fell! It has been windy here and we survived without any damage. My husband is finally going to repair a piece of our fence that has been loose (it’s about time since I kept telling him to do this in the summer lol). You are doing great on your reading challenge! I hope you have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I love chocolate mousse and that cake looks delicious!

    It sounds like you had a great week. I’ve been enjoying This is Us. Great show. I watched Covert Affairs when it originally aired and really liked that one.Hope you do too.

    The Futures looks interesting.

    Hope you have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Great job on your challenge! 6 books is impressive! That’s nuts about the cover and I imagine it’s definitely strange to have that empty space above you so suddenly. That must have scared you half to death when it fell. I’m so curious about Sweet Lake. I love the cover but don’t know much else about the book. Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Katherine, and yes, it was a freaky crash that felt as though the sky was falling…LOL. But luckily it should be fixed tomorrow.

      I am enjoying Sweet Lake…I’ve read and liked other books by the author, so I was happy to receive it for review. Have a great week, too.


  10. Oh, sorry to hear about your rain & kitchen problems. Hope it gets properly fix real quick!
    I’ve been eyeing The Futures and The Marriage Lie, hope you enjoy them both. Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Kay, the rain is still coming down, but thankfully the opening in the ceiling did not bring the rain inside…the cover on the roof held its own! Today it should be fixed.

      I have been seeing The Futures and The Marriage Lie everywhere…so I hope to love them. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your week.


    1. Thanks, B. B., and I am still amazed that it didn’t fall on me, as it definitely came crashing down when I was standing right there!

      I am looking forward to Lillian Boxfish…she sounds like one of those quirky characters we love to read about. Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks, Olivia, every week I scroll through the movie titles on the theater website, and usually there is nothing I want to see. But every once in a while, I am pleasantly surprised. First, I was caught up in the word “women” in the title, and then Annette Bening as the lead character. Even though I hadn’t heard anything about it, I knew it would be worth the risk. I loved it, of course.

      I hope the skylight cover is replaced this morning…meanwhile, the rain keeps pounding down! Enjoy your week.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Candace, “yikes” was definitely my reaction…after I realized why the sky seemed to be falling…LOL. I can laugh now…it wasn’t funny then.

      The news is depressing, although I was glued to it occasionally this week, impressed that some of the talking heads had the same reactions I had had to recent events.

      Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and even though my city has half a million residents, we don’t get a lot of the more unusual movies when they are in “limited release,” as this one is…so I knew I would have to see it pronto if I didn’t want to miss it.

      The first time I went to see a movie on a Friday…in ages!

      Enjoy your week! I read the first Marcia Clark book in this series, and loved it, so I was happy to find Book 2.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth, and I agree about both of us feeling better soon. I think the worst is behind me…hopefully.

      I hope you enjoy 20th Century Women as much as I did.

      I am eager to have those regular massage treatments. Have a great week, and treat yourself.


  11. Oh wow, scary skylight situation! Glad it didn’t fall on you – at least I hope it didn’t hit you! I’m looking forward to listening to The Marriage Lie. Soon, I hope. Isn’t This is Us a good show! Have a great week, Laurel!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Hi Laurel, I hope your skylight was fixed. It seems like a lot of rain in California! Stay indoors. So 20th Century Women is good? It looks quirky, just from the trailer. But there are many films I still have yet to see before the Oscars. Enjoy your week & many books! I had to return Idaho to the library but I didn’t start it — I just ran out of time. I will see what you think of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Susan, and I didn’t have any expectations about 20th C. Women…but figured with that cast, I couldn’t go wrong. I loved it!

      And happily, the skylight has been fixed!

      I just finished reading Sweet Lake…and I’m about to start The Marriage Lie.

      I have a bad cold right now, and I’m not coping very well…I’m out of practice, as before now, I hadn’t had a cold since I stopped working with children! (Back in 2005!).

      Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks for visiting, Nise, and so far, I’ve only watched a couple of episodes of Covert Affairs…hope to get to it again soon. I love Longmire!

      I also enjoy the Samantha Brinkman character. Have a great week!


  13. Hi Laurel-Rain-
    Your week sounds pretty good despite the heavy rain. (We had some over the weekend.) Sorry about the skylight damage. Hope there was no leakage.
    I was impressed that you had four books at 5 stars (or dragonflies)! That makes a particularly good week.
    I have enjoyed Marcia Clark. Hope you have another good week. Happy Reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for visiting, Martha, and I was amazed that all of my books received the 5 stars this week…some weeks, I have all with four stars, while in others, there is a mix of 4 and 5…and sometimes 3.

      Fortunately, there was no leakage from the roof, which also had a cover that was not damaged.

      My first Marcia Clark book was Book One with Samantha Brinkman, so I am eager to learn more about that character in Book Two.

      Enjoy your week!


    1. Yes, it was a cozy week..until! The skylight cover was fixed yesterday, but now I’ll be eyeing it every time I go in the kitchen! LOL.

      Thanks for visiting, Erin. The chocolate mousse cake WAS delicious….as was the massage.



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