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What a week!  Some rain, but mostly sunshine…and a lot of wind.  With a jury summons hanging over my head, I tried to plan the week without missing out on things I wanted to do.  In the end, I requested and was granted a postponement.

Reading and reviewing FOUR engaging books brought my total in the Read the Books You Buy Challenge to TWENTY-ONE.

Some of my week’s activities included a spa day, with more silver added to my hair…after a very relaxing massage.

I also obsessively changed up some lamps in my space.  I  now enjoy this one that stands atop my desk, smaller and giving just enough light:



On Thursday, I signed my tax documents…and have only a small additional amount to pay to the IRS…and a tiny refund from the state.  Hopefully I won’t have to wait for six months this time!

In my evenings, I enjoyed some of my favorite shows, like How To Get Away with Murder’s Season Finale...and a movie I found On Demand, which has been nominated for an Oscar:  Manchester by the Sea.  It was wonderful!

No time for Netflix this week…maybe this weekend.  I will record the Oscars, as I have discovered that the boring parts are best viewed afterwards, when I can fast-forward sections I do not enjoy.

Let’s lift our cups of caffeinated (or sparkling beverage) and chat about the week.




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INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

No mailbox books or review book downloads…BUT, I did purchase three downloads.

A Separation (e-book), by Katie Kitamura



The Mother’s Promise (e-book), by Sally Hepworth



A Piece of the World (e-book), by Christina Baker Kline




Currently Reading:  Never Let You Go (e-book), by Chevy Stevens (NetGalley- 3/14/17)



Then…a series of possibilities, like these:

How Will I Know You?, by Jessica Treadway (Amazon Vine Review)



The Good Neighbor (e-book), by A. J. Banner




And that was my week.  What did yours look like?  I hope to take my reading over to one of my favorite restaurants…and relax.  Maybe this one:





  1. A spa day with a massage sounds heavenly! What a nice week – even with tax stuff going on. How Will I Know You? looks really good. I’ve heard some fantastic reviews. I hope you love whatever you choose and have a great week!

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  2. Greg Hill

    Ooh a jury summons… how fun. Not. Glad you had a 4 book week though, that’s awesome! We had some sun too and it almost hit 70 one day, which is pretty darn good for us in February! And now today it’s snowing again and like 25. *sigh*

    No Netflix for me this week either. 🙂

    Hope Never Let You Go turns out good. The Good Neighbor looks interesting.

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    1. I am enjoying Never Let You Go, Greg…and I am sure we won’t have spring days yet, despite the occasional sunny days. I think Mother Nature is bipolar…the weather keeps fluctuating its moods. LOL.

      I have never asked for a jury postponement before, as each previous summons resulted in calling each night, and then being instructed to call again, until the week ended. But this time, they wanted me to show up at the courthouse…which I knew would mean a day wasted.

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Kathryn, and the week was a lovely mix of activities and reading, once I got rid of the jury issue!

      I am definitely eager to read The Mother’s Promise. Enjoy your week, and let’s hope for another good one.


    1. Yes, I didn’t even check Amazon Videos…that might have worked out better, as we get to keep them (if we buy instead of renting).

      Good luck! Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting, Deb. I do love writing blog posts, and sometimes it’s just a matter of finding an old post to compare with what’s happening now, or looking at my TBR piles.


  3. Glad you managed to postpone the jury summons. I love the pic of your office area – it’s lovely:). You really have the touch when it comes to interior design. Mine is always far too messy to look it’s best… Have a good week, Laurel.

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    1. Thanks, Sarah, and I do have my share of mess, which I tend to clear up before taking the photo…it gives me a double purpose: general clearing and photo snapping for a blog post at the same time.

      Enjoy your week…and I am definitely glad about the postponement!

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      1. Ah but that’s the difference – I simply don’t get around to clearing it up all that often! Thank you for your good wishes – having Miranda no longer pressing on my shoulders feels wonderful!

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  4. Yes I’m curious about the book A Separation too! Also A Piece of the World too. Glad your taxes weren’t too painful this year. Excellent they are done! Isn’t Manchester by the Sea pretty intense in an understated way?! It is powerful. I think it is my pick of the year! Although Lion is also quite good. Enjoy your books this week.

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    1. I am always tense before my tax accountant visit, and while I never get the huge refunds my daughter usually gets, I am just happy not to owe a lot more.

      I was glued to the screen throughout Manchester by the Sea…no boredom at all! I am curious about Lion…after the Oscars, all of the movies will probably make a comeback in some way. Looking forward to it. Thanks for stopping by, Susan, and enjoy your week.


    1. Thanks, Kimberly, I am definitely relieved to be done with taxes, even though I owe a little extra to the IRS…but I’m getting a tiny refund from the state.

      I am always just happy not to owe a huge extra bill.

      Once every five weeks, I have my spa day…it is definitely something to look forward to. Enjoy your books, too, and thanks for visiting.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Yvonne, and I can’t stop thinking about the ending to HTGAWM! Now I can’t wait until the story returns!

      And yes, Manchester by the Sea had me glued to the screen, caught up in the lives of the characters.

      I enjoyed another Hepworth book, so I’m eager to read The Mother’s Promise.

      Enjoy your week!


  5. The spa days sounds like it was very relaxing. I love how you have your lamp on your desk – I’ve become quite obsessed with having the right lighting in my home and now use lamps and coloured bulbs to change up a room. It’s made things feel more cozy and relaxing, but with enough light to read by – which is important. 🙂 Hope you enjoy reading your new books this week, it looks like you’ve got some fab-sounding reads. The Sally Hepworth has caught my eye so I’m going to be looking out for that one. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Hayley, and I had a larger, clunkier lamp there…and I kept thinking it might topple over…so then, when I started looking around at my other lamps, I did a switch. And I’m very happy with this one.

      I am so loving Never Let You Go. I didn’t want to even stop for a minute, but took a break so I could nap. I’m losing sleep over this book.

      I am also eager to read The Mother’s Promise. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.

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    1. I actually served on a jury for three weeks in the 1980s….and it was interesting. But I haven’t liked the week-on-call thing…you are left hanging, not knowing whether you’re going in or not.

      At least with the postponement, I know just what week I’ll be hanging…and I can try not to plan anything.

      The Good Neighbor is one I’ve been eager to read, especially since I recently read another book by the author: The Twilight Wife.

      Have a great week, Cleo, and thanks for visiting.

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  6. A spa day! Just the words themselves sound so relaxing! I was called to jury duty last year almost around this time (in March?). It was our state testing that week so I was dismissed, but I hope to one day serve on a jury for a serious crime. Although, I think once they start interviewing for jury selections, I’ll be kicked out since I teach children, and my SO is a police officer. The defensive would not like me as a jury candidate! lol

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    1. When I served on a jury, it was in 1980, a malpractice case against the county hospital. I was surprised they let me on, as I worked for the county, although not that particular institution. It was interesting, but there were also lots of boring parts. A serious crime would be better…LOL.

      Thanks for visiting, Charlie, and enjoy your week.


    1. Thanks, Kathy, and while my tax situation has been turning out okay in recent years, due to steps I took, thanks to the accountant, I still dread it. So, yes, a nice spa day treat was definitely needed.

      Enjoy your week!


  7. I got a jury summons this past week in the mail as well. I am going to keep my date as I don’t want to risk getting a worse time if I postpone. Still it is so inconvenient. Ugh. I skipped the Oscars, too long, looks like I missed out on the drama. You got a lot of mystery/thrillers. I will be curious as to what you think of the Good Neighbor, I read it when it came out.

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    1. Thanks, Heidi, and I thought that a postponement might give me an opportunity to avoid planning anything else that week. We’ll see how well that works!

      I loved Host Jimmy Kimmel’s comments about You Know Who!


  8. I hope you enjoy The Mother’s Promise! I didn’t see one nominated film this year so I’ll watch by streaming eventually I guess. The winner of the Oscar for best original score (Lala Land) graduated from the same high school that two of my kids went to!

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  9. Turned in our taxes to the accountant today.

    I hope to get to NEVER LET YOU GO soon, but have other books promised before it. I always like her books. She is coming to a bookstore about 20 minutes from where I live so I am excited.

    I see you received A MOTHER’S PROMISE.

    ENJOY all of your books and reading week.

    Last day of February tomorrow…..CRAZY!!

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth, and I would love to have Chevy Stevens appear at a bookstore near me, but since I’m in Central California, I don’t foresee that happening.

      If only I lived in Seattle! It has been my “wish I lived there” destination for a few years. LOL.

      Glad you have taxes behind you, too. Enjoy your week.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Pat, and you are very observant! I slightly tweaked the header.

      I tend to delay seeing a lot of movies, just so I can find them On Demand, Amazon Video, etc. Some I want to see on the big screen, though.

      Enjoy your week.


  10. Glad you got your postponement and can arrange your schedule before your serve. A spa day sounds heavenly! I am in the middle of listening to Right Behind You and want to pick it up in print cause I can read faster than I can listen! Looking forward to How Will I Know You? Have a great week.

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    1. Oh, I hope you enjoy it, Nise…and yes, I’m glad I got that postponement. I definitely wouldn’t want to miss my spa day, which I eagerly anticipate.

      That’s one of the reasons I don’t listen to books…I would get impatient, as I can read faster than I can listen, too.

      Enjoy your week!


  11. Good news on the jury postponment, it could not have been a nice feeling have that hanging over your head. The massage sounds perfect. Glad to hear you reviewed four engaging books too. The Good Neighbour looks like my kind of read so I’m adding it to my wishlist. I’m eagerly awaiting getting my hands on a copy of Sally Hepworth’s new novel. It wasn’t out in the shops here today. Enjoy the rest of your books, they all look great!
    Amanda @ Mrs B’s Book Reviews

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  12. Oh! I’ve been watching the finale of How to Get Away with Murder too! This show is completely crazy, I’m sad I have no more new episodes to watch.
    Great new books again this week! I’ve had my eye on A Separation for a while. I hope you enjoy it!

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    1. I am intrigued by the show, too, and loved that Viola Davis won an Oscar for Fences. I also saw her on The Talk…and she has a new movie on Lifetime tonight called Custody.

      A Separation is coming up on my list to read. Thanks for visiting, Kay. Enjoy your week!


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