Welcome to another Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts post.  To participate, click on over to Christine’s Bookishly Boisterous site.

  • How did the week fly by so fast?  Yes, each day had errands or appointments, so that was part of it.  Yesterday’s appointment for my annual physical took up most of the day, as I fiddled about getting ready, and then afterwards had lunch out to relax again.  However, I have been doing a little reading, having finished reading and reviewing two books so far.
  • Earlier in the week I got an e-mail notification that Spring Bloggiesta is coming next week:  March 20-26.  I’ve been spending some time each day creating potential new blog headers.  This blog will be the focus of the event, but I tend to spend a little time on each site.
  • Only two more weeks until the beach trip for my daughter’s “wedding.”  Yes, in quotes, because they actually tied the knot in November so she could be on his health plan, but had already arranged for the beach getaway.  We will get to dress up, she will be wearing “bride’s” clothes, and we will have dinner afterwards.  Then…back to the city the next day for the reception.
  • I had trimmed down my list of NetGalley Review books...but then, unexpectedly, received two more!  Now I have four…but they are sort of spread out, with two in April, one in May, and another in JulyThe newest one:

Bridges:  A Daphne White Novel (e-book), by Maria Murnane.  I loved this author’s Waverly Bryson series.


I also love the cover!

  • Yesterday I received a new Amazon Vine review book in the mail:  Small Hours, by Jennifer Kitses, which I’ve been ogling.



So….these are my meandering thoughts on this Thursday.  What are yours?



  1. I just received the Maria Murnane book too, unlike you though will be my first foray into her writing.
    Beach trip getting nearer and exciting I am sure. My wedding is tomorrow, its by a river mouth so I guess thats a beachy wedding kind of!

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    • Thanks for visiting, Kathryn, and I am eager for the beachy wedding…hope you enjoy yours by the river. I keep making lists, as I haven’t taken a trip since last summer, and this shorter one will require less luggage, but everything must be handled just right…wedding finery and all. lol.

      Waverly Bryson was an interesting character in that series…and I suspect that Daphne White could be, too.


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