Good morning!  It is raining here…and it rained all day yesterday, too.  According to the weather report, it will be rainy today, tomorrow, and…sunshine on Sunday!  Yay!

After having lovely weather last week and on the weekend at the beach, I was disappointed by the return of rain.  But now I’m thinking that it’s a sign that I should stay indoors…and read!

My reading was pretty good last week, but so far this week, I’m only on my second book.  Sigh.

My stack of review books includes six from NetGalley, ranging from 5/6 review date to 7/25.  Two in May, two in June, and another two in July.  So…not bad.

But I also have another one to read this month (from an author), and a Vine book that I have to read sometime soon.

So…here are the books up next:


Beach Breeze, by Joanne DeMaio



Slightly South of Simple, by Kristy Woodson Harvey (Book One in a new series)



The Perfect Stranger (e-book), by Megan Miranda, from NetGalley…and I had written down a 5/6 release, but it will be released on 4/11, according to Amazon!  So this one will be next!



Definitely I must focus on these three for now.

How do you organize your review books?  What keeps you requesting books, even when you have a few already?  For me, I find that the books I have been ogling for a while are a definite “must request,” so that’s how I got into this tangle.



4 thoughts on “RAINY DAY READING….

  1. All of these look good. And I especially like the cover for the third one. I’m not sure if I should wish for the sun to come our for you or for it to continue raining. LOL I love to curl up and read when the weather stinks.

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