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Has it been a week already since I last sat here on a Saturday morning, pondering the events of the past seven days?  The week has unfolded one day at a time, featuring triple digits…what else is new?  I did read and review FOUR books:  two were NetGalley review books, and the other two added to my Read the Books You Buy Challenge, now totaling 66 books.

I finished Season I of Ozark…which grew more and more like Breaking Bad as it progressed.  I hope there are more seasons!!

Next weekend, I am setting aside time to see the movie The Glass Castle, based on the book by Jeannette Walls.  Brie Larson, Naomi Watts, and Woody Harrelson star.

On Thursday, I got a manicure and changed up my nail color to dark blue, with minimal sparkles.  I needed to feel like something was changing here.  The photo, below, was snapped in my bedroom showing me “clutching” Pippa, my Kindle.  In the background you can see one set of bookshelves that now live in the room.

The rest of the week was more reading, some blogging, etc.  So let’s grab some coffee and take a closer look.


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Review:  Emma in the Night (e-book), by Wendy Walker (NG – 8/8)Review:  Sunday Morning Coming Down, by Nicci FrenchReview:  The Bookshop on the Corner (e-book), by Jenny ColganReview:  The Other Girl (e-book), by Erica Spindler (NG – 8/22)


INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Nothing in my physical mailbox…but an e-mail brought a new NetGalley review book:

The Best Kind of People (e-book), by Zoe Whittall (NetGalley – 9/19)


Then I downloaded these e-books (purchased):

The Address (e-book), by Fiona Davis

Crime Scene (e-book), by Jonathan Kellerman/Jesse Kellerman

The Truth We Bury (e-book), by Barbara Taylor Sissel

The Identicals (e-book), by Elin Hilderbrand



I am caught up on NetGalley books until mid-September, so I’ve reached out for some books from my TBR:

Currently Reading:  Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands, by Chris Bohjalian


Then…my list includes these books, but I might veer off course:

Swimming Lessons (e-book), by Claire Fuller

Before We Were Yours (e-book), by Lisa Wingate


And that’s my week…what did yours look like?  Oh, here’s my late lunch from Thursday: Corn Chowder, Caesar Salad, Strawberry Margarita…and Pippa, my Kindle.



  1. Nice blue nails, always so pretty to look down and see. Triple digits weather I suspect, yikes I just wouldn’t cope. Will be interested to see what you think of The Identicals and Before We Were Yours, both ones I have hovered over. Hoping for lower temps for you.

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, I’ve had dark blue nails before, but these have little miniature sparkles in them…which you can’t see unless you’re in the bright sun. LOL.

      I am loving the list of books to read….I hope you are enjoying yours, too.


    1. Thanks! I like them, and I tend toward dark navy or blue colors.

      I started reading Swimming Lessons today at lunch…when I go out, I take along the Kindle instead of a big hefty hardcover book, so Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands stayed at home.

      Thanks for visiting, Barb, and enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks, Jovita, I went for quite a while without manis or pedis…and then once I tried the gel polish, I became addicted, as they stay nice for quite a while.

      I am looking forward to my books…enjoy yours, and thanks for visiting.


  2. The Identicals looks great. That one is on my wishlist. I saw the first episode of Ozark and enjoyed it. I have to get back to watching it and it does seem like Breaking Bad. I just started watching Nurse Jackie and already finished season 1. I really like it. Hope you have a great week!

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    1. Thanks, Yvonne, and as I finished up Season I of Ozark, I noticed the similarities to Breaking Bad even more.

      I saw Nurse Jackie when it was on regular TV (Showtime); I am considering binge-watching it, as I really loved it.

      Enjoy your week!


  3. Fortunately here it didn’t reach triple digits this past week, but we did have high humidity, thunderstorms, flashfloods and high winds. Except for the fact that this type of storm comes this way every summer, I would have thought I brought it with me when I came back from the East Coast. I hope you see some relief in the weather soon, Laurel-Rain. I love your nails! My nails are in such bad shape. 😦

    I am glad to see you liked The Bookshop on the Corner. I hope to read that one one of these days. The Address looks really good. As does the Chris Bohjalian book you are reading.

    I hope you have a great week, Laurel-Rain!

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    1. Thanks, Wendy, and I think it sprinkled a bit last night, as my dusty patio table has the imprint of the rain drops…LOL.

      As for my nails, mine were terrible for the past year or so until I started having them done with gel color, and I am very happy that they now stay “unchipped” for the whole period before I have them done again, and only then because of the outgrowth that starts to show. LOL.

      I am looking forward to The Address, as I liked The Dollhouse. Enjoy your week!


  4. carolesrandomlife

    Love the blue nails! I could totally have a great time with your lunch date 🙂 I am impressed that you are so caught up with NetGalley. I am currently work to get a bit more caught up but it is a slow process. I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

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    1. Thanks, Carole, and the only way I can keep ahead with NetGalley is to request no more than seven or eight books…and to spread them out over the calendar. Sometimes I do better with that than other times.

      Thanks for the compliment on the nails. I’m enjoying them.

      Have a great week!


  5. Greg Hill

    Triple digits- man that’s hot! Do you get a lot of humidity w/ it, or is it more of a dryer heat? And yay for Ozark- I’m considering trying it. I’m assuming it’s good? Glad to see Emma in the Night gets a 5, I want to read that one!

    The Bookshop on the Corner looks good too.

    The soup and Caesar salad lok great (I could eat Caesar salads like every day) and nice looking margarita too. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Greg, and usually we don’t get much humidity…but then, today, there it was. Mugginess!

      I am a Jason Bateman fan, so I knew that, at worst, the story of Ozark would be engaging…it is so much more, and I loved the dilemmas the characters faced. It’s a little bit like Breaking Bad, in that moral issues are presented, with characters backed into corners and struggling…

      I loved the Caesar Salad/Soup combo…and The Bookshop on the Corner was light and fun.


    1. Thanks, Kimberly, and so far, I’ve only read Bohjalian’s later books, but I loved them.

      As for sparkles, mine are so faint that I can only see them in bright daylight…LOL. But I didn’t want them to be too obvious.

      Enjoy your week, too!


    1. Thanks, Cleo, and I loved The Dollhouse, by this author, so I’m eager to read her second one.

      After spending most of the last few years with no nail color…I’m savoring them. Thanks! And I am also savoring the dinners. Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks, Megan, and I think you might find the main characters in Ozark more relatable than the ones in Breaking Bad. Hope you like it.

      I’m glad you like my nails…they are fun for me. As for The Glass Castle, I read the book several years ago, but it stuck with me. I love the trailers I’ve seen for the movie, too. Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks, Evelina…and so do my iPhone and laptop: Phoebe and Louisa May. LOL.

      I do love naming things, and usually I name my cars, too, but for some reason, I haven’t found an appropriate moniker for my current one.

      Have a great week!


    1. Thanks, Jenea, I am having fun with color these days…and enjoying my books. As for The Truth We Bury, I hadn’t even noticed it anywhere, but it kept showing up on my Kindle when I started to turn it on, and then I noticed the author, who I’ve enjoyed…so that’s the story.

      Enjoy your week!


  6. Your Kindle has a name – that’s awesome! I remember my daughter talking about the Glass Castle when she read it in high school. It made quite an impression on her. I hope the movie does the book justice.

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    1. Thanks, Sam, and I think the movie will be close to the book,as the author is involved in its production.

      I love naming things. Pippa, my Paperwhite Kindle; Phoebe my iPhone; and Louisa May, my laptop. LOL.

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting.

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  7. I love your nail color! It’s gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to get my nails done, hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in an appointment this week. The Best Kind of People looks great. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Also, your Caesar salad is making me crave one now. Happy reading, and have a great week! 🙂

    Lauren @ Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf

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    1. Thanks, Lauren, and I have definitely been craving Caesar salads lately. I started having my nails done regularly after I first tried gel color…it lasts and I haven’t had any chipping. So I’m a devotee.

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting.


  8. Last week just zipped right by, didn’t it? Summer needs to slow a bit – winter will be here soon enough. I have the new Hilderbrand on my TBR list. Maybe I’ll save it for a cold day in a few months 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Mary, and I agree that I’m not ready for winter either, despite the annoying triple digits.

      I still haven’t read Hilderbrand’s book Here’s to Us, from last summer…but I hope to read both of these books soon.

      Enjoy your week!


  9. katarguelles

    I love the nail color. I plan to get a mani & pedi this week, I love relaxing in their chair and getting pampered lol. You are doing great with your Netgalley ARCs. I’m behind but I’m not stressing lol, I’ll get caught up soon. I hope you have a great week and the weather cools down for you soon!

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    1. Thanks, Kathy, and I can’t believe that I went through most of my life without regular mani/pedis. I guess I thought I was too busy for pampering. Such a wrong attitude! LOL.

      I love the blogging and reading life I have going on now. Enjoy your week!


  10. fuonlyknew

    I have a similar shade of blue polish. Only worn it on y toes so far. Need the right outfit to wear it with:) Been super hot here too and spend lots of time reading by the pool. You have a wonderful batch of books. And I really want to see The Glass Castle.

    My Sunday News

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  11. I’m hoping Brie Larson hits it out of the park as Jeannette Walls but I’m not sure the movie will live up to the book for me. That memoir was so powerful! Still I hope you enjoy the movie. It’s quite a remarkable story. You have a lot of good books this week, enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Susan, I am hopeful that I will at least feel some of those same feelings in the movie. After all, Walls is involved in the production.

      Plus, it’s been years since I read the book, so I’m unlikely to make close comparisons. I’ll just go with the flow of the film. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your reading and your week.


  12. Love the nail polish! You have some great books this week. I still haven’t read The Glass Castle. Glad I spotted it with you now as I really want to read it before the movie. Will make a quick note!

    The address looks great and I haven’t read a Jonathan Kellerman in YEARS.

    AND I so want to read Before we were yours…..

    Hope you will have a good week!

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    1. Thanks, Mareli, I am excited about the upcoming reading, and hope you enjoy The Glass Castle.

      I am also eager to read Before We Were Yours.

      I went a long while between Kellerman books, but then started up again in recent years. Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks, Kathy, I am hoping for slightly cooler weather soon…but hope doesn’t really change the temperatures outside, LOL.

      I like the sound of The Best Kind of People, too.

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting.


  13. Beth F

    We’re watching Ozark too, but we haven’t finished yet. We’re thinking of watching the Sinner (which is on network TV, I think). Hope things cool off for you!

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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth, after years of doing nothing to my nails, I seem to be obsessed. LOL.

      I am excited about The Address. The Dakota is such an interesting residence that could be a great character in the story.


  14. I love the blue! I don’t like my hands so I don’t paint my nails very often but I really should! Your lunch looks good! I had a Caesar salad for lunch today and I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it. I need to remember to have it more often. As usual you have some fantastic books! I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on The Swimming Lessons especially. Have a great week!

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    1. Oh, speaking of not liking hands, mine are awful…big knuckles, wrinkles, LOL; but I hope that the nail color helps. Thanks for stopping by, Katherine, and my Swimming Lessons review is on this blog.


    1. Thanks, Lexxie, I went for a few years without having my nails done. I am hard on my hands. Then I tried gel…and I’m sold. I could go forever between manicures, except that I have to redo them when they grow out too much, reminding me that it’s time.

      I found this salon right around the corner from where I live, because my granddaughter checked Yelp reviews. The great technological age! LOL


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