With wildfires scorching the Northern California lands, I think fondly of rain.  And how we need it now more than ever.

I created this blog about Rainy Days…and the blues that accompany them, as well as the Monday blues, and back in December 2014, I wrote a post called Rainy Day Friday:  Blissful!

I have excerpted it below:


Some of you may know that we have a drought going on here in California, so rain is welcome.  Yes, I know that my blog name suggests that “rainy days make me blue,” but that is no longer true when you are in drought country.

And, just as reading takes the blues away, what better kind of day to curl up and read?  With a cup of tea, perhaps?


I knew I should have cleared the leaves off the patio when the Weatherman kept predicting rain.  He actually said “storms,” though, and that hasn’t happened yet.

So here is my patio now:



Pretty sad, huh?  But now the dust is gone from the patio table, at least.  I am hopeless when it comes to keeping up the patio during the fall and winter, since I don’t go out there to read.

Today I’m reading this book:  Unbecoming, by Rebecca Scherm.




After finishing Walking on Trampolines late yesterday (click for review), I was too tired to read much.  I finished the first chapter and then went to sleep.





The Thursday TV line-up is not conducive to staying awake, (Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood are on hiatus), but I did record Mom and Two-and-a-half Men on my DVR.

Does anyone love Stalker?  I am a big fan.  That one is on Wednesdays, of course.

What do you love to do on a rainy day?  Reading and tea springs to mind for me, but maybe you have other ways to spend those rainy hours?


My car license plates read:  IM4RAIN.

This suggests that I love rain, of course, and that’s what most people think when they see the plates.  But there is more to the message.  Can anyone guess?




  1. I’m so pleased to read that it’s been raining in California – I’ve been keeping up with the news about the awful wildfires and hoping the weather would change and help the firefighters gain control. How are you finding Unbecoming? I got a copy of this for Christmas but I haven’t managed to read it yet but it is one that I’m really hoping to get to very soon. I hope you enjoy it. I’m having a catch-up of Grey’s Anatomy at the moment as I somehow missed a couple of seasons… anyway I’m now part way through season 12 and am really enjoying it. Still got quite a way to go to catch up but it’s fun having lots of episodes ready to watch. 🙂

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  2. Living in a country that is only set up for drizzle, it is something of a wonder to read your post longing for rain and I only wish we could arrange something of a swap. Hoping that the poor folk in California – and you – get some good old torrential downpours very soon…

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