Welcome to another Tuesday celebrating bookish events, First Chapter/Intros, originally hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea and now hosted by I’d Rather Be at the Beach; and Teaser Tuesdays hosted by The Purple Booker.

Today’s feature is a review book from a favorite author:  First Flurries, by Joanne DeMaio, a novel snow-dusted with love and possibility.



Intro:  It’s time to leave.

Lindsay passes red barns and white picket fences along the winding country road.  When she drives by a man raking the last of autumn’s brown leaves, or a young couple walking a dog, they all stop and wave at her.  She gives her horn a friendly tap, accustomed to the attention now.  Something about seeing the tiny house towed behind her SUV brings out that happy response in passersby.  Might as well call her tiny house a happy house.  It makes people smile.


Teaser:  Together, they rumble into Snowflake Lake’s little parking area in twilight’s shadows.  Minutes later, Greg walks in the late-afternoon darkness directly to Gus’ Blue Jay Bungalow. (p. 58).


Synopsis:  Lindsey Haynes’ father once gave her a snow globe with the note: “Unsure where to go? Give a little shake … and your heart will always know.” On a whim, those words lead her to the quaint New England town of Addison. It’s a place straight out of a storybook with its twinkling town green, decorated Main Street, and secluded lakeside cabin community.

But an encounter with a dejected doctor named Greg Davis turns Lindsey’s days upside down, much like a snow globe in motion. With a little nudge from endearing townsfolk, and a few chance meetings of their own, a magical flurry of emotions suddenly swirls around them.


What do you think?  Do the excerpts draw you in?  Do you want to keep reading?  I love revisiting the storybook town of Addison, with friendly characters and settings.



    1. Thanks for visiting, Catherine, and I’ve been a fan since her very first book, Whole Latte Life. I love how the familiar characters show up in each book, along with a few new ones. I love the wintry books, as well as the beach stories. Enjoy!


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