When the rains come, as they do sometimes in this dry Central California city, I like curling up inside and layering my interiors with cozy stuff.  (Hygge).  My hall tree (above) greets my guests, and during the Christmas season, like now, I’ve added a few things:  Mr. and Mrs. Santa Bear and a poinsettia plant (fake).


The rest of the greeters remain throughout the year, and include hats, handbags, a Mary Engelbreit doll, Madeleine, and Red Riding Hood with her wolf companion.  Plus, an antique horse that centers the mix.

In the mirror, you can see some reflections of the rest of the room, like my pub table and its own Christmas tree featuring vintage and some Coca Cola ornaments:

The hearth showcases some Nutcrackers, along with the regular birdhouses, and nearby is another hat rack with hats and handbags, and a new scarf with buttons that I got in a Christmas box.  Also, a fluffy boa.  My clock collection above the mantle reminds us of the passage of time…except mine does not.  I removed the batteries to ease time-changing months.


Here is a close-up of the unique scarf, handmade in Northern California:


My cozy Coca Cola dining area holds another of my miniature trees.  This one has framed ornaments that show my grandchildren in their younger years.   A gingerbread bear hangs on the green cupboard.  You may notice I have a lot of red in my home, which, in my opinion, keeps me festive all year long.



I didn’t bring out everything this year…but I may cave and layer some additions to this mix.

Reading is a part of the season, too, and on the weekend, I got brunch at a nearby restaurant.  I enjoyed this Bloody Mary with my Kindle read:  Tell Me Lies, by Carola Lovering.







Because I am watching a lot of Christmas movies…and binge-watching on Prime and Netflix, my reading has slowed down this week.  But I have a long list of enticing books to grab.  Luckily, I didn’t find any new releases to purchase today…because I already have too many waiting in the wings. (And I got a new NetGalley ARC; more on that later).

What are you enjoying during the holidays?  What books, adventures, movies, and decorations are keeping you festive?



    1. Thanks, Sandy, I take the “lazy way” of Christmas decorating by bringing out bins with ready-to-go items. The miniature trees are packed away with their ornaments. I don’t bring everything out anymore. I have decided that “less is more.” LOL.

      Enjoy your holiday, and I love the look of your Christmas tea.


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