Welcome to another Thursday!  Usually I am posting on another blog…and I did that today over at my Coffee Chat post.

Since I created a new blog header here, I wanted to write something to showcase the new look.  Yeah, a little bit weird, I know.  So…I searched for Thursday memes, and couldn’t find anything.  Do some of you regularly participate on Thursday?  Something other than the one I already did?

It is not even raining today, or I would have chosen to spotlight rainy day photos.  I love the one of the little girl in the rain…on the header.  It reminds me of rainy days when I was a child, when I regularly wore rain boots and jumped in puddles.  I grew up in the Central Valley, where I now live, but a little farther north;  there was a lot more rain back then.  No matter what some say, there is truly a Climate Change happening.  Drought is common here, and rainy days are rare.

Here is one of my rainy day photos.  I think it was from a couple of years ago:

I finally finished reading Tell Me Lies, by Carola Lovering.  It was a slow read that went back and forth in time, and while I like faster paced books, there was something about this one that kept me reading. (Click for my review).

I created a new blog header there, too:  on my Curl up and Read blog.


So…what is happening in your world?  Are you experiencing rainy days?  Are the holidays bringing you down, or keeping you excited with a frenetic kind of energy?


4 thoughts on “WHERE ARE MY RAINY DAYS?

  1. I was looking for Thursday memes too and couldn’t find any. We are having rainy days here with a little bit of snow flurries mixed in. Tell Me Lies looks interesting although I like fast moving books.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, and I wish for more rain because we are still in a drought here! Enjoy your days of sunshine.

      I like changing up my headers…but for those who have them designed, it wouldn’t make sense to recreate them all the time. I just did a new one on Curl up and Read…and also on Serendipity.

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