Today I’m participating in WWW Wednesdays, at Taking on a World of Words Here’s how it works:

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next, and/or what are you eagerly awaiting?




Come Find Me (e-book), by Megan Miranda, a captivating thriller about two teens who connect when each discovers a mysterious radio frequency, which suggests their family tragedies are mysteriously connected.


BOOKS FINISHED SINCE LAST WEEK (Titles/Covers Linked to My Reviews):

Not Here, by Genevieve Nocovo

The Making of Us, by Lisa Jewell

Late in the Day, by Tessa Hadley



Night Beach, by Joanne DeMaio, is headed my way from the author’s publicist. I love this series! (Release Date – March 5, 2019).

Synopsis:  Everything was in place for the perfect beachside gathering. Lace-wrapped jars hung from white chairs on the sand. Paper lanterns and tiki torches glimmered in the twilight evening. A rowboat draped with roses and vines waited in the wings. Love floated on the salt air.

Until the arrival of a mysterious guest named Shane Bradford, a lobsterman with a tangled past in this little New England beach town.

Like a sudden sea breeze, the special evening quickly turns. And the residents of Stony Point must tread the darker water Shane brings to their Night Beach.


That was my week so far.  What did yours look like?



    • Thanks, Hayley, I’ve read one other Tessa Hadley book and I didn’t love it, but it was okay. I didn’t like Late in the Day, mostly because of the characters and situations. I have another of her books on my Kindle, The London Train, and now I’m not sure if I’ll read it. Sigh.

      I am enjoying Come Find Me.


    • It is primarily about friendship connections, with some romance. There are secrets…and sometimes suspense. I always feel as if I am rejoining a group of friends when I read one of these books. The author has books about several different settings and seasons. I’ve been reading them from the very first one called Whole Latte Life.

      Thanks for visiting, Molly, and enjoy your reading.

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  1. I still haven’t read Lisa Jewell but think I’m missing out! I believe I have a couple of her books on my Tbr but need to check.

    I just received an ARC of Megan Miranda’s The Last Guest House and am very excited about it (publishes in June). I’ve not read the one your reading, so I’ll have to check it out. She’s fantastic.

    Have a great reading week!

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