Good morning!  There is sunshine outdoors today, but in the past week, we have had rain…and even hail.  I will never get used to that sound!

Since I’ve been playing around with this blog (new header above), I also plumbed the depths and I am posting an excerpt from  2015.   Four years ago looked quite different around my house…and also with my granddaughters, who were high school seniors then.


First feature for today:  my two lovely granddaughters, Aubrey and Fiona, are enjoying their “bookish” senior year doing some non-bookish things.

In this photo, Aubrey and friends are enjoying some free time from bookish pursuits:



Aubrey and Friends - Seniors


And in this one, Fiona, with another of her various “new looks,” is enjoying some time with her mom, while letting us know, by flaunting her Monster Java drink, that she has non-bookish things on her mind.



Fiona & another new look and her mom


And on to some bookish shots:  Here is one of my bookish corners, with some of my older books…and a few family photos.



bookish corner


Shortly after I took the photo of the corner bookshelf above, I purged it…and now it looks like this:


I do enjoy looking back in the past, even as I am plotting the future.  What does your past (and present) look like?




    • Thanks, Elizabeth, I do love checking out my blog archives to see what I did way back when. 2015 was the year my eldest son and his wife came to visit…and I loved purging my shelves after they left. When any of my kids visit, I have to clean things to help me with the loss of their presence.

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