My Rainy Days and Mondays blog was created in August 2009, more than ten years ago.  It began “life” on the Blogger site, and I then transferred to WordPress in 2013.  The themes were the same:  Mondays can make us blue; books chase away the blues; and I smile whenever I go to this site.

I am also reminded of the Carpenters’ song:

Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ old
Sometimes I’d like to quit
Nothin’ ever seems to fit
Hangin’ around
Nothin’ to do but frown
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down
But…Mondays are no longer blue days for me, as I have retired and am reading and blogging.  Happy days!  My symbols for the site showed up in my blog headers.  Books, rain, and sometimes the girl on the right side in the current banner:  she looks pretty blue.
I checked out my archives to see what I was writing about when I first celebrated a holiday season here on WordPress. (December 2014):

I love Mondays!  Seriously, I do.  But I used to hate them.  Which is one reason that I am now celebrating, via this blog, the absence of Blue Mondays.  Post-retirement, I relished being able to wake up on Mondays, or any day, and do what I wanted.  And read all day every day.

Chasing Away the Blues (through reading) is our antidote to the blues.

But some Mondays can seem blue, even now.  Like the Monday of a holiday week, with many blogs quiet and memes missing.  Yes, the bloggers need a break, too!  What does this say about me that I am so glued to my laptop and my online world?

Am I addicted?  Dependent?  Or at loose ends because I just miss those connections?

Meanwhile, however, the books, those trusty friends, are close by…


I have changed the header several times over the years.  Here is one I had a while back:


Now I am closing, with thoughts of rainy days…and Mondays…and books.  What are your favorite themes on your blog(s)?



  1. Yes I used to not look forward to Mondays, it always felt I hadn’t recovered from the previous week. Now I don’t even think about Monday, well except to post the It’s Monday link up! I think blueness can strike at times and especially at quiet times when not much is happening. I love the blogging and social media ways of linking up with others.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, I do love how blogging and connecting to others has helped me deal with the blues.

      I just encountered some frustrations in blogging this week, though; the WP system has some kinks in the form of a “block editing” process that I’m struggling to work through. Especially when trying to link images to Amazon, etc. I was using the Classic Editor, and everything was fine, but then my book images were coming out distorted. All other images were working fine…and some of the book images were okay, too.

      I know you use WP…have you found it working for you lately?


      • Laurel Rain I just work in the WP admin section and it seems to work okay for me. I don’t use Classic editor – is that a plug in or just a thing on WordPress.


      • I think I don’t use the block editing I just use the WP admin classic one. Do you save you book photos and then upload them to your blog – that’s what I do. I haven’t been getting any distortion.

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      • I had been working in the admin area, too, but when the images came out distorted, WP support sent me to the Block Editor, which is so confusing!

        Why are all their changes so technical? Lol

        I also save the images to my blog, and I’ve only had problems with a couple of book images.


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