Today I’m participating in WWW Wednesdays, at Taking on a World of Words Here’s how it works:

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next, and/or what are you eagerly awaiting?


CURRENTLY READING:  And They Called It Camelot, by Stephanie Marie Thornton, a book I am savoring.



Coconut Layer Cake Murder, by Joanne Fluke

Pretty As a Picture, by Elizabeth Little

The Other Mrs., by Mary Kubica

Eight Perfect Murders, by Peter Swanson

The Missing Sister, by Elle Marr



I have The Operator, by Gretchen Berg, on my nightstand and I’m excited to start reading it.

Synopsis:  A clever, surprising, and ultimately moving debut novel, set in a small Midwestern town in the early 1950s, about a nosy switchboard operator who overhears gossip involving her own family, and the unraveling that discovery sets into motion.

In a small town, everyone knows everyone else’s business . . .

Nobody knows the people of Wooster, Ohio, better than switchboard operator Vivian Dalton, and she’d be the first to tell you that. She calls it intuition. Her teenage daughter, Charlotte, calls it eavesdropping.

Vivian and the other women who work at Bell on East Liberty Street connect lines and lives. They aren’t supposed to listen in on conversations, but they do, and they all have opinions on what they hear—especially Vivian. She knows that Mrs. Butler’s ungrateful daughter, Maxine, still hasn’t thanked her mother for the quilt she made, and that Ginny Frazier turned down yet another invitation to go to the A&W with Clyde Walsh.

Then, one cold December night, Vivian listens in on a call between that snob Betty Miller and someone whose voice she can’t quite place and hears something shocking. Betty Miller’s mystery friend has news that, if true, will shatter Vivian’s tidy life in Wooster, humiliating her and making her the laughingstock of the town.

Vivian may be mortified, but she isn’t going to take this lying down. She’s going to get to the bottom of that rumor—get into it, get under it, poke around in the corners. Find every last bit. Vivian wants the truth, no matter how painful it may be.

But as Vivian is about to be reminded, in a small town like Wooster, one secret usually leads to another. . . .


These were my books read in the past two weeks. What did your reading look like?


20 thoughts on “HUMP DAY READING: WWW POST

    • Thanks, Leslie, I am glad to have so many books around me right now. I do wish I could actually get items I want and need from the stores, though. Frustrating! Even Amazon has so many items listed as unavailable.

      I guess this New Normal will be challenging for a while!

      Enjoy your week.

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      • Yeah, I definitely understand that! Our stores are empty and it’s quite frustrating!! I’m hoping that the storm shall pass and we can get out of this sooner rather than later! Have a great week! 😊

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  1. I loved The Other Mrs! I haven’t read Coconut Layer Cake… but I’ve read other books in that series. They are pretty good. My only wish is that there was more story and less recipes though the recipes do look absolutely delicious. I’m pretty sure I gain weight every time I read a book in that series 😊

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