For more than twenty-five years, Philadelphia homicide detective Bree Taggert has tucked away the nightmarish childhood memories of her parents’ murder-suicide…Until her younger sister, Erin, is killed in a crime that echoes that tragic night: innocent witnesses and a stormy marriage that ended in gunfire. There’s just one chilling difference. Erin’s husband, Justin, has vanished.

Bree knows how explosive the line between love and hate can be, yet the evidence against her troubled brother-in-law isn’t adding up. Teaming up with Justin’s old friend, former sheriff’s investigator and K-9 handler Matt Flynn, Bree vows to uncover the secrets of her sister’s life and death, as she promised Erin’s children. But as her investigation unfolds, the danger hits close to home. Once again, Bree’s family is caught in a death grip. And this time, it could be fatal for her.

When Bree receives a desperate call from her sister Erin, she is determined to help her with whatever trouble she is facing. But despite their family’s violent past, Bree cannot foresee what does come to pass: Erin is murdered. Cross Her Heart brings together moments from the past and the present as Bree determines to find out who has killed her sister.

Many possibilities lead the reader down several pathways, following red herrings and trying to sort out family issues. The little town of Grey’s Hollow has more than its share of troubled individuals, from addicts to criminals in many forms.

I liked Bree’s way of dealing with issues, and I enjoyed the family drama unfolding in a peaceful setting, despite the trauma of Erin’s death. A friendship is brewing between Bree and former detective Matt Flynn, who will be a larger-than-life figure in her life.

As the first book in a new series featuring Bree Taggert, this one roped me in to a cast of characters that would stay and be part of her ongoing life. 5 stars.



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