Gaslight goes high-tech in USA Today bestselling author Cate Holahan’s new standalone thriller in which a family must determine who the real enemy is after a brutal home invasion breaks their trust in each other.

Her public life Jade Thompson has it all. She’s an up-and-coming social media influencer, and she has a beautiful new home and a successful architect for a fiancé. But there’s trouble behind the scenes. To Greg’s children, his divorce from their mother and his new life can only mean a big mid-life crisis. To Jade, his suburban Connecticut upbringing isn’t an easy match with her Caribbean roots.

Her private life A savage home invasion leaves Greg house-bound with a traumatic brain injury and glued to the live feeds from his ubiquitous security cameras. As the police investigate the crime and Greg’s frustration and rage grows, Jade begins to wonder what he may know about their attackers. And whether they are coming back.

Her secret life As Greg watches Jade’s comings and goings, he becomes convinced that her behavior is suspicious and that she’s hiding a big secret. The more he sees, the more he wonders whether the break-in was really a random burglary. And whether he’s worth more to Jade if he were dead than alive.



rainy days thoughts

From the very beginning of Her Three Lives, I felt empathy for the position Jade is in, with a paranoid husband who seems to be tracking her every move.

Why is he so suspicious of her? He seems to be projecting his own issues onto her. Will she be able to turn things around, or will things only get worse?

As the story takes us back and forth between the characters, their suspicions, and the unfolding of what happened during the home invasion and afterwards…we can finally turn the last page to the answers. 4 stars.



  1. One of my closest friends is recovering from a TBI. It’s been nearly three years now, and he still slides into obsession and paranoia. So I’m torn about reaching for this book. Part of me is attracted to reading about something I have firsthand understanding of, but part of me wonders if it wouldn’t hit too close to home.

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