My Rainy Days and Mondays blog has been silent lately.  I last posted right after I moved into this new apartment in July…and I have been busily buying new things to make it cozy. Now that I have found another set of Coca Cola table and chairs, I am feeling blissful.  Yes, the new set is smaller…but so is my apartment.


I am also searching for another Madeline Hatter doll…and I think I may have found the right one!  It should arrive next week.  I have missed her so much!  This photo shows her at my previous apartment…the one I vacated in 2019.  I loved having coffee chats using these images.


Here she is from the product page, with the correct measurements that match the doll above!


I have also added more books to my shelves, which were almost empty when I left the last apartment over two years ago.  Here is a start on recreating some of what I lost.



And here is another shelf that is slowly filling up.


I am now feeling the blues fading away!  What, other than books, makes you feel the blues disappear?


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